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Swasan: The other mummy TS

Hey guys I’m back in really very sorry for leaving my previous ff ubruptly but bcoz of some problems I couldn’t so plz forgive me and yes if anyone wants to continue my ff swasan :love of my life then plz do so
Pls note:it’s not my story completely I’ve seen it somewhere so writing it

Let’s begin


So the story starts with our hero sanky in the kitchen making breakfast in the kitchen for his daughter khushi
Sanskar:khushi beta have your food fast otherwise you’ll be late for school
Khushi:OK papa
Khushi begins to eat
Sanskar:kavita kavita
Kavita comes out in her nighty
Kavita:what happen Sanskar why ate u shouting in morning
Sanskar:I’ve an important meeting today so I can’t pick her from school so you pick her up
Kavita:plz Sanskar I’m busy today I can’t u only manage your khusghi I don’t have time to waste
Sanskar:she is your also daughter
Kavita ignores him and goes
Khushi sees all this and makes a sad face
Sanskar:khushi don’t worry I’ll do something bye
Khushi smiles:OK papa
Then Sanskar drops her to the school
Sanskar calls his mom
Sanskar:hello mom can u pick khush from school today actually I’m busy
Sujata:why what is your wife doing
Sanskar:mom u know right
Sujata:yeah your wife will be busy in some party fine I’ll pick khush

Next morning
Sanskar is taking interview for nanny
Nina is telling him about the girl who is ready to become nanny and is very good
SANSKAR looks at the girl she is looking at khushi lovingly
Sanskar:what is your name
Girl:I’m swara
Yes you guessed it right it’s swara
Swara sees khushi struggling for tieing her shoe lace
Swara bends down and asks
Swara:may I
Khushi nods
Swara ties her lace
Sanskar:tomorrow morning 7 am
Swara smiles nods

Next morning Sanskar comes to the kitchen and sees that Swara has already cooked the bf and is feeding khushi
Swara and khushi both are smiling and happily enjoying eo company
Sanskar smiles seeing khushi happy
Swara sees him
Swara:sir do you want tea or coffee
She makes his bf and coffee and serves it to him
Swara:khushi come wear your shoes
Khush:ready let’s go
Swara:arre wait let’s tell bye to mumma
They go to kavita room
Kavita is seen talking to someone on phone
Khushi:bye mumma
Kavita ignores her and continue to talk on phone
Swara takes khushi out
At night when Sanskar comes
He sees kavita watching TV
Sanskar:what the hell kavita
He shouts
Swara was making khush sleep
Swara come out of the room and sees down
Kavita :not again

Sanskar:you just don’t care about khushi it was her vaccination today and you didn’t tell me
Kavita:so what it’s your duty
Sanskar:kavita why have you become like this
Kavira:you have made me like this Sanskar I’ve my own life but you just want me to take care of khushi everytime you never considered me as your wife you only want an educated maid for yourself who looks after your daughter
Kavita doesn’t give him a damn and goes to her room
Swara also goes to khushi room and covers her with blanket and kisses her forehead and comes out of the room
Sanskar sees all this
Swara:sir I’ll serve the food
She serves him food

Sanskar:take khushi for vaccine tomorrow
Swara:sir today while cleaning I saw her file and got to know that it’s her vaccination so I already took her there sorry if I did wrong my not informing
Sanskar smiles and says:it’s OK good now you may go to your home
Swara nods
Days are passing kavita is busy with her bf sahil swasan in khushi now swasan have a special place for eo

Precap:swasan union

Plz comment if I don’t get comment then I won’t update the next part so plzzz

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