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SwaSan realization few shots


Its been two months that Sanskaar had proposed her but she being Swara Gadodia said :”No”
A no to his genuine feelings.They both had been friends for almost five years .They were working in the same institute.But after that confession swara left the job.
Before 2 months,
@office ,
Swara come in Sanskar ‘s cabin after a knock
Sanskar:Swara ! You can come without knock I told u several times ….
Swara:Sanskar shshh just stop right now.You are sometimes like a train always non stop blabbering “start laughing
Sanskar made a puppy face


Swara chuckles and pulls Sanskar cheeks: Aww sanskar your so cute
Sanskar (made a pout):I am not cute but I am handsome
Swara made her tongue out to him
They both laughed their heart out
Swara:Sanskar I came here to told you something important
Swara: My marriage is fixed with Sahil Khurrana
Sanskar felt shocked and extreme pain in his heart.He doesn’t understand the situation and immediately hugged her and told her his feelings
sanskar(hugging her);Swara I want to say you something important. I am sorry but I can’t let you marry someone else”
Swara (released the hugged and shocked by the sudden move) : What! Sanskar??what are you saying you can’t per me marry but …why sanskar why??
Sanskar: Because …….because I …I love you Swara I really love you….

To be continued….

Phew done with the first ever ff
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