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Swasan OS: True love will remain

Swara Gadodia- a fun loving girl; a little shy but opens up as soon as she gets to know people; a crazy girl; shares all her secrets and becomes herself in front of her two best friends cum cousins. She lived in Jaipur but has shifted to Udaipur a few years back. In school, she has a gang but no best friends; good at studies especially maths; from a well-to-do family: a pampered girl. Sanskar’s best friend.

Sanskar maheshwari- a very naughty boy but just infront of his family n friends otherwise he is extremely shy; good at studies; his grandparents n father are doctors. Swara’s best friend. Only his family and Swara called him Sanky!


So, the story starts from the childhood of Swara and Sanskar when they were just 3 yrs old…
“Mom, I’m getting late! Can i please go?” yelled Swara in her cute voice,” mom you only send me late. I’ll tell my teacher about it. My teacher scolds me about it everyday and moreover sanky has to wait for me.” ” Ok dear! I’m really sorry!! Fine now?” said her mom and let out a small chuckle. Swara makes a pout and goes with the driver.
[ So, here she is going for mind exercise classes at sanky a.k.a. Sanskar’s house which both of them call ‘a ‘tuition’.]Soon, she reaches his home and rushes to his room while mouthing a small ‘Hi’ to his mom. She entered the room and was surprised as she could not find her teacher there. Just then, Sanky’s mom came and informed that there teacher was not coming today and had informed her just now. So, she decided to stay there for sometime. Afterall, even she loved to spend time and play with her bestfriend.
Swara and Sanskar had just joined playschool. They were in different houses but still met each other everyday.
Time flew, 3 years had passed;
They both were leaving there playschool now. They joined another school. Both took admission in the same one and fortunately both of them were in the same section. Swara had started crying the first day itself as she had not adjusted to the new environment. That is when Sanskar pacified her in his own childish way. This is how their friendship grew.
Another 3 years passed;
During these 3 years, their friendship had grown stronger. They were in 3rd grade now. Though, they were in different classes now but they made it a point that they met each other at least once in a day. Both of them made new friends but they had a special affection towards each other. They were known as ‘THE BESTIES’ even among the teachers. Such was their bonding!
All was well when suddenly Swara’s father had to shift to Udaipur with his wife and children to handle his business there. They couldn’t do anything. They did not even realise how much they were going to miss each other. They just made a silent promise to each other that their friendship will remain.

Swara’s POV
It has been 15 years since I have shifted to Udaipur. I am happy here but still from inside I fell very lonely. I have met Sanky during these years but barely 5-6 times and at that time also we could not talk much as he is very shy. He only opens up in front of me and I know that but every time we meet, there is some or the other person with us or rather UNWANTED person. Huh! Previously, even I did not realise why I thought about him so much but then when I was 14 I realised ha what I felt fir him now was something more than friendship. I termed it as a ‘crush’ at that time but now I know that I LOVE HIM!! and i am sure it is not any infatuation. I don’t know if he still remembers me or not and if he does what he feels about me but then I can just HOPE!
Swara’s POV ends

Now Swara and Sanskar, both have completed there studies.
Here, in Udaipur Swara has started doing a job.
One fine day, she’s is coming out from her office with her friends when she saw Sanky there. She thought that she was imagining and called herself ‘crazy!’ but then still he was there. She asked her friend to pinch her. Her friend gave her a weird look and did so. ” OUCH!!”, she yelled and then realised that he was actually there. She widened her eyes and ran and hugged him while he was taken aback by her sudden reaction but still hugged her back. Everyone was looking at her in shock. But she didn’t care. All she cared was for him. They broke the hug.
And before Swara could say anything, Sanskar said,” I need to talk to you”. Swara understood the seriousness in his voice and got a little confused. She knew he would not talk infront of others so she told her friends that she will join them later and they can even go if they want. But her friends were curious to know what was going on and who he was so they decide to stay back.
On the other side, Swara was over-excitedly walking with him when he suddenly started the conversation,” Missed me?”.” No!”, She replied teasing him. He chuckled at this and said,” Then maybe you won’t like what I am going to do now but sorry I’m going to do it whatever the result may be”. ” He is a very confusing person! But still I love him”, thought Swara and chuckled at her own thought.
He held her hands which passed a current in both their bodies. He started,” Swara, I know we don’t talk much with each other now except for our birthdays and some meets but still I carry a special place for you in my heart. I have missed you a lot these years, Swara! Our silly fights, our teasing sessions, our bond, our friendship, our everything! When you left I realised what you mean to me. I knew that this time being shy won’t work. I don’t know about you Swara but after all these years I am here to say that I LOVE YOU SWARA!!! I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART!!”
Tears of happiness and content were flowing out of Swara’s eyes. Sanky misunderstood them and was about to leave her hands when Swara replied,” I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR!! All these years I have been loving you!” Sanskar beamed with joy at her reply. He hugged her tightly signalling that he would never let her go now. Swara too reciprocated.
They broke the hug and he looked into her eyes as if asking permission for something. She closed her eyes in anticipation and soon his mouth was on hers. It was a moment of bliss for them. They broke the kiss and she blushed heavily. ” Don’t blush Swara otherwise don’t blame me if anything happens!” She hit him on his chest and her blush turned a shade darker if that was even possible.
And they walked hand in hand promising each other to be together whatever the circumstances be and love each other truly.   

Sorry guys for any mistakes I have committed. I have written something for the very first time. Hope you like it. And if not feel free to criticize me so that I can do better next time.

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