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Swasan ” My nine years old wife ” (Intro)

hello friends sarah here with a brand new ff. sorry for late in posting other ff of sinin but the problem is she is extremely sick and loosing all her bloods in a mysterious way. doctors are checking and she is in full time bed rest. she has said sorry to all her readers. this ff was her first ff which she didn’t post thinking it’s unworthy. but I’m posting this on her behalf til she recover and write other ff. let me introduce my self I’m her little sister Sarah. so let’s start our story.

Sanskar POV


hello everyone . first let us get introduced. myself Dr Sanskar Maheshwari. I’m a workaholic person of 26 years. I own a hospital by inheritance of the property. ” Medinova hospitsl ”
My father was a famous cardiologist of India late Mr Ram prasad Maheshwari. he left me my lil sister snd mom 5 years ago. he wanted me to follow his path.. but he didn’t specified cardiologist… so I became a psychiatrist. yes I had an interest in this subject from childhood. I had earn a little bit of fame also but all were ruined by my one mistake. I didn’t step in hospital for 2 years. okk now let’s leave this sad sad talk….you’ll know it next when time comes.
my life revolves in my restless mother and lovely sister. my reason of life till now. I was a very unsocial person always lived my boundaries. but when she came everything changed…it was decided that I will help her but instead she removed the burden of guilt from me unknowingly. she was such a blessing to me which came to complete me… but she had lot to endure and I was the villain of my own love story.
I was hired to make her live again but instead she taught me what life really mean. I was not a man to fall in love ,this word was not even in my dictionary. But the most unexpected thing happened and I fall in love with my 9 years old wife…. yes…no no I didn’t do child marriage…I just dedicated my life to help someone and fall in love with her.

her smile her demands her talking her antics her tears her care her purest love e everything will make even u fall for her I bet.

but don’t u dare to fall in love with her as she is mine !!

so get ready to go on with me on my love story with ” MY 9 YEARS OLD WIFE.”

GUYS YOU WANT THIS AS A SS OR FF DO TELL. pray for her plz and do comments.

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