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SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-22}


Sanskar looks deeply into the girl’s eyes and was taken aback as he was thunderstruck ….his eyes goes widen and widen … he stumbles in shock …he whispers


Sanskar: SWARA!!!!!!!!!!!

She was looking at him in rage full eyes …. immediately pushed him and was yet again abt to jump from the window …. But sanskar’s anger rose up seeing thz .. he pulled her towards him holding her wrist and pins her to wall as the consequence her veil falls from her face revealing her face fully to him

Yes!! SWARA she is non other than swara …Sanskar was already cognizant of tat the girl is swara by seeing her big doe hazel eyes filled with lots of emotion which he always failed to understand
…he looks at her with blood shot eyes whereas she was also looking into his eyes matching his anger

Sanskar: ?Wat the Hell is thz swara

He said in a dangerous tone holding her by the shoulder
While she looked straight into his eyes not replying him back

Sanskar:?answer me …y did u came here and those papers ……
Wats tat y did u steal it? .. Answer me

He shouts in anger ordering her to reply him …while she pushes him angrily with all her
Strength and replies

Swara:?enough is enough Mr Sanskar Maheswari …don’t u dare to order me

Sanskar: ohhh the swara who used be a scary chicken…who doesn’t dare to look into my eyes… now all of a sudden turn into a tigress huh! ??

He said raising his eyebrows
looking straight into her hazel eyes waiting for her rply … Whereas swara bursts into laugh

Swara: hahahaha ?? …me and scared …lol haha I wasn’t scared of u …I have never feared of u …it was just i played a small game ?…I made u fool Mr Maheswari
I made u fool got tat

She said flipping her finger in front him …while Sanskar stands calm ….if it was any other in the place of her raising a voice and daring to speak Sanskar Maheswari in such a tone he would’ve shown hell to tat girl …but now it’s abt swara … His Swara …he raises his eyebrows looking at her

Sanskar: (calm tone) can I know the reason behind thz bl**dy game u played with us
Swara:(raises her eyebrows) Reason ….u wanna know reason huh! The reason is thz file I wanted thz file which was with u Mr Maheswari …I was never scared of anyone ..not u and not even of those b***ces my step mom and sister ..but I just pretended to be only to get thz papers …

She said pointing the file which she was holding in her hand … While sanskar immediately snatches the file from her hand and opens it ..&.was surprised to see the documents in the file

Sanskar: (surprise) Property papers of gadodia house but how come u know it is with me
Swara: yeah it is a property papers …. ? da day I was trying to elope from ur mansion was to get thz property papers with those b***ces which I was trying to do all thz years but every time every time I failed to get thz papers from them …but then after u caught me from eloping …I heard ur conversation with Johan


Johan: accha hua sir tat u heard swara mam’s and their mother conversation …..she was humiliating ma’am sir I think thz is the reason ma”am tried to elope from here

Sanskar:? I wanna make tat old lady suffer how dare she compelled swara to leave the house ..I know thz type of lady’s r behind money so I will snatch da same money from her ..(looks at johan) u get me the property papers of tat gadodia house Johan

Johan nodes and leaves from there

Flashback ends

Swara:tat was then I decided to stay at ur place …only to get thz property papers Mr Maheswari

Sanskar was abt speak something but just then they hears some sounds ….both turns and finds a person on the window
Swara looks at the person with a smile while the person looks concern


(Yup it’s parth let’s see what is his role in thz story ??)

Parth:(concern) Shona …u okay he (looks at sanskar) did he….
Swara:(interrupts) yes parth Mr Maheswari got to know everything ..(looks at sanskar’) I don’t have any enmity with u Mr Maheswari …now my work is over I got wat I longed for …Thank u coz some where u r da reason I got my property papers …bye

Sanskar stands confused not knowing who is parth now … But still he registered each word of swara in his mind …Thus,when she was abt to leave He holds her wrist

Sanskar: (calm tone) I never thought u will be such a greedy person for money
Swara:(jerks) ? yes I am …I’m a greedy person and…I don’t prefer to give u any sort of explaination regarding thz…(to parth ) let’s go parth

Parth:(nodes) okay Shona

He smiles and holds her hand … Sanskar’s eyes turned blood shot as he looks at their hands inter wind with each other …they were abt to leave …but is it possible them to do so …no it isn’t possible she played with the devil …now it’s turn for devil… He immediately holds her wrist and pulls her closer to him …

Swara:? sanskar Maheswari

Her anger roses up ….. she takes out the gun from her pocket and point towards sanskar … While he looked into her eyes matching her anger

Swara:? how dare u …u will never change be ready for ur end Mr Maheswari

Pointing gun to his forehead … She smirks and pulls the trigger … Sanskar smirks as well looking straight into her eyes.. She boils in anger seeing the smirk on his face and was abt to shoot him….but at meantime Sanskar holds the gun and turns it towards swara in one go taking the control of trigger …now he is pointing the gun on swara’s forehead …swara and parth looks on shock ….but still swara looks into his eyes without any fear of her life

Sanskar: no swara …u should always remember tat I’m Sanskar Maheswari who can never lose over anyone ……?now it’s time for ur end

Parth: (worried)no …plzz leave her .. Shona leave all thz …let’s go from here

Sanskar looks at parth and then transfers his gaze on swara….. He looks straight into her eyes and takes off the gun from her Forehead …

Sanskar: ? damn I cannot kill u …I can’t ….

He bangs his hand on the table while swara and parth looks confused …he looks at swara and pulls her closer to him by her waist

Sanskar:? how can I kill u … How can I kill da girl who made me crazy for her …who made me FALL for her …who made me to feel LOVE for her …how can I ..

He said gripping his holds on her waist tighter and tighter .. While swara and parth looks on shock … He tightens his grip more on her

Swara:? leave me ..
Parth:Mr Maheswari plzz leave Shona ..look….

His words left incomplete … As Sanskar turns towards him and shoots his leg in rage ….. Parth screams in pain falling on his knees ….while swara looks on shock and concerned

Swara:(concern) parth !!!! (Looks at Sanskar’) ? u bl**dy Casanova leave me

She struggles to free herself from his hold …while he pulls her more closer to him

Sanskar:?how dare he hold ur hand …he touched ur hand how dare he …. U r just mine …only mine

Swara:? just shut up …who the hell r u to decided who shld touch me and who shouldn’t …. It’s non for ur business so stay out of my life
Sanskar:? my business huh! … Let me show u my business

He frees her from his grip … She looks at parth who was screaming in pain and was abt to go towards him …but Sanskar holds her hand and drags her from there

Swara:leave me…leave me …. Parth parth ….parth …..his leg is hurt leave me ….

She shouts at Sanskar but Sanskar ignores her words and drags her towards the car …. Opens the door of car and pushes her inside ….

Sanskar:Johan take da boy to hospital

He said to Johan who was viewing the scenario confusedly but then nodes obeying his boss .. While swara takes a relief and was abt to step out of the car … But yet again Sanskar pushes her inside the car and locks the door
While she bangs the window in anger…

Swara: ?open the door …open …open ..

She bangs ..Sanskar ignores her and goes towards his side … Opens the car and sits inside the car …swarq turn’s and looks at him …

Swara:?open the door …bl**dy womaniser ..open …

She beats him …he holds her hand angrily and drives the car … They leaves from there


Hey guys tanu here……how was the epi guys Hope u all liked it …

Thank u all
Love u all ??

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