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SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-33}


Swasan were still hugging each other lost in their lovers embrace feeling so peace and happy after a long time


Sanskar: (mind) I will never leave u swara …u r my everything… U r my life ….I will never let u go away from me …I should do something so tat I would keep u beside me forever

He thinks something and smiles just then there was a knock on the door

Laksh:sanky is everything alright

Hearing his voice swara releases the hug and looks at sanskar tensely… Sanskar smiles and holds her hand assuring her walks towards the door …he Opens the door….finds laksh & sholok standing there with a worried expression

Sanskar: (smiles) yes lucky …. Everything is fine ….now come let’s go (to swara) rgt swara

Swara nodes not looking at laksh holding sanskar’s hands tightly
Laksh and shlok looks on happy but laksh gets confused

Laksh:(looks at swara) ?but swara y did u came here and wat was tat “I don’t know u ” and all huh

Swara keeps quite clutching sanskar’s hand tightly not replying laksh …Sanskar understand her fear and interrupts

Laksh:? swara….
Sanskar: (interrupts) lucky let us talk once we reach Kolkata I will let u know everything

He sighs him to keep quiet …laksh nodes

Laksh:hmm okay
Shlok:? now everything is fine …I’m so happy ….come on guys let’s leave from here ..
Sanskar: (smile) okay then dude .. U both book the tickets ..me and swara will join u soon

Laksh and shlolk nodes before leaving from there ….swasan looks at each other and smiles
raj comes there and looks at swara in concern

Raj:(concern) shona u fine na …did he do anything tat hurted u …bolo shona

Said raj pointing Sanska..sanskar
Raises his eyebrows
Before he could say anything swara interrupts

Swara:raj ..he is Sanskar …( looks at sanskar) Sanskar he is Raj doctor Raj
Sanskar: (looks at swara) doctor .. U mean he is ….
Swara:(interrupt) a doctor who is treating me …he is nice person sanskar very frndly to everyone

She said looking at raj with a smile while raj looks on confused not understanding anything

Sanskar: oh acha okay … (Looks at raj with a smile) thank u Dr raj for taking care of my love I’m really thankful to u

Raj feels pain hearing love and seeing swara happy with Sanskar

Raj:Shona u love him???

He asked questionly …while swara nodes with a smile looking at Sanskar
Raj looks on surprised

Sanskar: yeah she is my wife hena swara

He said winking at swara …raj gets shock

Raj:(mind) shona is married… I…loved her …but she is married

Swara :(smiles) stop it Sanskar (to raj) raj Sanskar is my love and ..
Sanskar: (glares) and would be husband too got tat
Swara:(laughs) arrey Accha baba,

Raj gets teary eyes ..he wipes his tears plastering a fake smile on his face

Sanskar: so Dr raj ..nice meeting u ….now we have to leave from here …

Raj nodes with a fake smile

Swara:bye raj
Raj:bye shona
Sanskar: swara …her name is swara okay

He doesn’t like if anyone address her by tat name …coz only he has the rgt to do it
Swara shakes her head and looks at raj who was looking confused

Swara:Sry raj I know u r confused …we will talk some other day raj

Raj nodes …both swasan leaves from there
Soon they boards flight and leaves to Kolkata

Maheswari Mansion

All the elders were sitting with a sad face

Sumi:? suju u shldn’t hv snd Sanskar to Bhopal!!!!! I don’t want him to get into any trouble coz of Shona
Sujatha:? wat do u mean sumi trouble huh! …just keep quiet .. My Shona isn’t trouble to anyone

Raj and shekar smiles looking at each other while sujatha continuous her blabbering
Just then they hears a voice ..it was Sanskar’s

Sanskar: mom stop it …mom

All the elders get Happy hearing his voice and turns back only to get super happy +teary eyes

Sumsuj:(tears) Shona

They gets teary eyes seeing Swara after so long time they r seeing her ..both sumsuj rushes towards Swara along with Ram and shekar

Sumi:(tears) suju ….shekar my Shona ..my Shona came

She said caresssing swara’s face while sujatha and shekar nodes with teary eyes .,.Swara gets teary too and hugs sumi

Swara:(tears) Sry maa Sry for making all of u cry …sry
Suju: shona it’s k dear u don’t cry

Said sujatha caressing her hairs … Swara releases the hug looks at sujatha and hugs her … Sujtha smiles and caresses her hairs …..swara releases the hug and looks at ram & shekar … She goes towards them and hugs them

Shekar:(tears) shona where were u beta ….all thz days
Ram:yes Shona were where u … Y did u left from here
Swara:(tears) baba I have …..,,,(choked voice) I …

She wasn’t able to say anything …. Sanskar see’s thz and gets teary eyes but immediately he wipes his tears and goes towards her

Sanskar : swara u go to ur room .take rest
Sumi:(tears) but Sanskar…
Sanskar: (interrupts) aunty plzz let her go she needs rest …(to swara ) swara u go

Swara nodes and leaves from to gadodia mansion

Sanskar takes a sigh looking at all the elders & laklok who were giving him ?ly look

Laksh:sanky ..wats going on ??
Sanskar: (sighs) hmmm sumi aunty ,Shekar uncle , lucky .. O swara …swara (he closes his eyes tightly) swara is suffering from brain tumor

A drop of tear escaped from his eyes …he immediately wipes while all other looks at him in shock

Sumi:? Sanskar ..wat r u telling?? (Fumble) ..brain ..brain ..
Tumor ….Shona ..na …
Shekar:haan Sanskar …shona ..
Sanskar: (interrupts) uncle. ..aunty swara (he tells everything)

All gets teary eyes thinking abt swara …

Sumi:? no no ..thz can’t happen .. My shona is fine I know …I know
Sujatha:?(consoles) sumi don’t cry …plzz sumi ….

Shekar sits on the couch tears making a way from his eyes while ram consoles him
Laksh gets teary eyes and leaves from there thinking about the condition of his dear sister

Sanskar: mom ..dad I have decided a thing …I wanna tell u
Ram:haan tell Son
Sanskar: (sighs) Dad I wanna marry swara …

All looks on shock

Hope u all liked thz epi

Thank u all
Love u all ???

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