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SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-32}


Sunshine orphanage


The venue was beautifully decorated with different kinds & colours of flowers and roses … Many toys and games were kept for the children of orphanage to play

Raj ,swara and pihu enters the venue everyone greets them happily

Kids: how r u feeling now Shona di
Raj:(smiles) she is alright champs …now leave thz and go enjoy the party take pihu along with u and play some games
Kids:okay raj Bhaiya …come pihu

Kids leaves from there … Raj smiles and shifts his gaze on swara who was lost somewhere in her own thoughts ….he looks confused and shakes her making her to come back to her sense

Raj:Shona u okay …

Swara looks at him and nodes without any expression on her face ….sister of orphanage comes there …. Raj looks at her smiles

Raj:hello sister …how r u
Sister: (smiles) I’m fine raj beta .. Thanks for coming beta
Raj: (smiles) it’s my pleasure sister

Sister smiles and looks at swara who was still lost in her own world confusedly but
…before she could speak anything …the light goes off

Raj:light … sister any prblm thz light. ..
Sister:(interrupt) no raj beta everything was fine … (Confused) but …

Her words left incomplete as they hears a voice and gets confused

Voice:This is for u my LOVE

Swara widens her eyes hearing the voice which is so familiar to her and so the owner of the voice … She realises tat the light is off as she searches the owner of the voice everywhere

Raj:(confused) who’s tat sister
Sister:(confused) I have no idea beta

As swara was busy looking here and there searching the person…the spot lights falls on a place attracting the attaintion of peoples towards it …. There a boy was standing facing his back to all …while everyone curiously wanted to see him and so swara
He turns playing the guiter with a cute smile on his face …swara and raj looks on surprised

Swara; (whispers) ? Sanskar

Sanskar smiles seeing her expression and walks towards her keeping the guiter on a table

{Tu kahin aur hai
Main kahin aur hoon
Door hain hum magar
Hain nahi hum judaa (x2)}

He sings the above lines staring her lovingly …he walks towards her pointing her … Everyone looks at them in confused while swara downs her head not wanting to meet his gaze

{Tere siva kuch main nahi
Tere siva kuch main nahi (x2)}

He stands In front of her singing the above lines ..he looks at her who’s eyes was fixed to floor and smiles lifting her chin making her to look at him …

{Khamoshiyon mein teri
Dhundon main baate nayi
Taqdeerein padna meri
Har lafz mein tu basi }

Their eyes meets ….both were lost in each other eyes and had passionate yet lovely eye lock
Sanskar slowly takes her hand and places on his shoulder sneaking his own hands around her waist he pulls her closer to him and makes moves according to the song while she was staring him lost in his chocolate brown eyes

{Ho khamoshiyon mein teri
Dhundon main baate nayi
Taqdeerein padna meri
Har lafz mein tu basi}

He smiles looking at her and caresses her cheeks looking into her big doe hazel eyes and moves closer to her face …he touches his nose with hers leaving his hot breath on her soft skin making her to close her eyes feeling his closeness ..but soon something strikes her mind … She immediately opens her eyes he looks at her playing a cute smile on his face ..she avoids eye contact and was abt to leave … But he holds her wrist not letting her to do so

{Bheed hai yahan magar
Shor toh hai nahi
Haan humein tha magar
Ghum abhi hai nahi}

He holds her wrist and pulls her closer to him making her back to crush his front hard tone chest … He moves closer to her singing the above lines ..he back Hugs her placing his chin on her shoulder while she closes her eyes … Tears started making a way from her beautiful eyes

{Tu kahin aur hai
Main kahin aur hoon
Door hain hum magar
Hain nahi hum juda}

He makes her turns …she wipes her tears immediately .. He looks at her and cupping her face he places a soft yet lovely kiss on her forehead

{Tere siva kuch main nahi
Tere siva kuch main nahi (2x)}

more than singing the above lines he was confessing his words in those beautiful lines … He was conveying ” he is nothing without her ” with soo much love in his eyes ….she looks at him with teary eyes and pushes him before running from there

Tere siva..

Sanskar: swara …
He said running behind her … Whereas raj follows them

Swara comes inside the orphanage and weeps silently covering her face with her palms ….just then she felt a hand on her shoulder ….she was cognizant abt the person so she wipes her tears …before turning back

Swara:? can’t u leave me alone …. Can’t u understand I don’t know u ..Sanskar Sanskar who the hell is Sanskar

She sounds anger …while he smiles she gets irritated

Sanskar: (smiles) darling don’t u know ….who I am
Swara:? argggg wat type of person u r …..just leave from here

Just then raj comes there and looks at them confusedly

Raj:Shona wat happen …u okay na
Swara:? raj ask thz person to leave from here
Raj;(to Sanskar) excuse me Mr plz leave from here …she saying rgt tat she doesn’t knows u … Then y r u behind her …. Stay away from her
Sanskar:? hey who the hell r u for advicing me to stay away from my love

Before raj could speak swara interrupts

Swara:?he is my FIANCE

Raj looks on shock ….while Sanskar anger roses up as he hears the word fiancé … He looks at swara with blood shot eyes while she avoids eye contact … He goes towards her and holds her hand ….she looks at him questionly ….he ignores and drags her from there

Swara:hey leave ….me leave me

She beats him struggling to free herself from his grip …. While raj was abt to go behind them but laksh and Shlok comes there and doesn’t let him to do so

Raj:shona …Shona
Lakhs: hey wat r u doing man
Raj:? look get the hell out of my way ….or else …
Shlok:or else kya ..
Raj:I will inform police
Laksg:go a head we don’t care
Shlok:haan haan go and also order some more food …the??? pizza was tasty yummy yummy so let me take the parcel for Home as well
Laksh:Hahaha lol dude ??

Raj gives them irritated look…. While they laughs loudly
Swara:? leave …me …leave my hand

She shouts at him as he drags her inside a room and leaves her hand …..she gets happy and was abt to go outside the room …but he closes the door….she gets angry

Swarq:? wat the hell …open the door …
He turns towards her with a smirk
Sanskar: u don’t know who I am rgt

He said walking towards her with a smirk ….while she moves back word avoiding the eye contact

Swara: (fumbles) y…e..s
Sanskar: really ..

He said moving more closer to her as she moves backs and hits her back to wall …. She was abt to move away …but Sanskar keeps his hand on the either side of wall blocking her way
Her hear started beating heavily seeing their closeness …. Both were staring each other not blinking their eyes

Sanskar: tell me who I am

He moves closer to her face and whispers in her ears huskily making her to close her eyes
He smiles and kisses her earlobe … Her hands automatically travels on his torse clothing his shirt tightly feeling his touch after a long time

Sanskar: let me tell u who I am

He said looking at her who’s eyes were still closed cause of his effect….. He smiles and looks at her trembling soft lips …. He smiles naughtily cupping her face he places his rough lips on her soft lips she clutches his shirt more tightly feeling his lips on hers …while he kisses her smoothly yet lovingly holding her close to him ….she too reciprocates the kiss with equal love ….soon the kiss turned into a passionate kiss …her hands travels to his hairs… Fisting his hairs she presses him more on her making the kiss more deeper and passionate …he smiles b/w the kiss and bites her lower lips she moans in pleasures


He smirks and puts his tounge into her mouth exploring his tounge all over her mouth … They tastes the sweet essences of each others mouth ….. He began to give open mouth kisses while she too reciprocates the kiss matching his passion

Sanskar; I LOVE YOU …Swara

He said b/w the kiss …. She comes to sense and pushes him
He smiles …she avoids eye contact

Swara:(fumbles) I…o….o…
Sanskar: ssshhh …. Tell me wat happen don’t lie coz it will not work I’m not gonna leave u …u better know tat

He said shushing her lips …. While she keeps staring him with teary eyes …and immediately hug him tightly … He hugs back

Swara:Sanskar ..leave me ..plzz go away …don’t make it hard Sanskar

She said b/w her sob rubbing her nose on his shirt ….he gets concerned hearing her painful sob and releases the hug … Looks at her cupping her face in his palms

Sanskar: wat happen love … Say me …don’t I have rgt to know wat going on …y u came here

He said avoiding her words … She looks at him like a innocent child and hugs him again

Swara: s..a..n..skar … I’m suffering from… BRAIN TUMOR
(Don’t beat me guys ?) plzzz leave me and go away ….plzzz

She said b/w her sob
Sanskar looks on shock and releases the hug …looks at her who was weeping silently

Sanskar: r u gone mad swara .. U have brain tumor …u didn’t told anyone of us ….
Swara:(tears) Sanskar
Sanskar:? shut ur mouth

He said hugging her tightly she cries hugging him back … Tears made a way from his chocolate brown eyes knowing abt his loves condition

Sanskar: how dare u kept me away from my love

His voice choked but he controlled himself not making himself weak in front of her …. She releases the hug and looks at him …he looks at her and cups her face ….their heads touches …. She cries while he kisses her tears lovingly

Swara:I LOVE YOU too Sanskar
How was the epi guys Hope u all liked it and Niku the song is for u dear ….u asked me to add it long back ? but I have done it now and sorry if anyone didn’t liked my suspense sorry dear

Thank u all ??
Love u all ??

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