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SwaSan!!! HIS MISTRESS Teaser 1

Yuwara were having some fun time together when suddenly Swara slipped and Yuvraj caught her on time in his arms his face was dangerously close to hers they were lost in their world unaware that someone was seeing them and burning in jealousy obviously non other than Sanskar; while watching their PDA something caught his eyes he furrowed his brows but later smirked a devilish one

Sanskar: ohh you little b***c(said with venom) you were trying to make me fool (bitterness) now I will see till how long your drama goes (calls someone and ask him to do a certain work)


At SM office

Sanskar was showing a video to Swara who was continuously crying seeing it.

She tried to snatch the mobile but he held it high up and was laughing at her evilly…

Sanskar: oh my sweet little mistress got a big surprise or wait a minute a big shock..(again laughs) come on Swara it’s such a nice video, YOU ME US doing certain stuff.. I think Kavita uff my dear wife will be pleased seeing her husband and her only sister together having a gala time with each other in her bedroom while she was in hospital (winks devilishly)

Swara:(sobbing) plz pl zzz Sanskar plz don’t show this video to anyone. I did what all you are saying me plzz why are you doing this with me? What is my fault?

Sanskar:(angrily holds her by her hairs tightly) you tried to double cross me; the great SANSKAR MAHESHWARI I know you went to the lawyer regarding the deal papers.. What you thought I won’t know what’s going on in your head… Now my sweet little baby doll you are going to be punished for your stunt (saying this he angrily threw her on the couch tearing her dress while he came on her )


Sanskar was forcily kissing swara when suddenly Kavita barked in his office seeing them she diverted her eyes and casually but in a little bit disgusting voice

Kavita: If you are done with your romance can I have the honor to talk to my husband(directed her question to Swara)

Seeing her Sanskar smirked while Swara got tensed and parted with Sanskar and in shaking voice was about to say something but Kavita ‘s next statement shocked her

Kavita: I am talking to my husband not with any of his mistress

Listening this Swara ran away with tears eyes while Sanskar barked on her

Sanskar: you don’t have any rights to insult her she is my love my life not any mistress

Kavita:(smirking) what do you call a girl having relation with a married man that to her own brother-in-law


Swara was crying bitterly sitting on a bench in a park when suddenly a person came and put his/her hands on her shoulder she turned and hugged that person tightly while crying
Swara: kyu kyu.. why everything is happening with me
That person shhhsed her cleared her face of tears and placed a gentle and full of love kiss on her forehand

Person: everything will be fine I am with you always

Swara:(rubbing her tears with determination) I am ready for the marriage



Even I too???

Why was Sanskar smirking??
Why did Swara went to the lawyer?
How did Sanskar got to know about it?
How did Kavita knew about SWASAN relation?
Why was Sanskar harsh on Kavita?
Who was the other person consoling Swara?

Ohh My God such a mystery naaa ?
Let’s see what happens next…

This teaser is after kav_________________san
Marriage sorry guys a but you have to bear this marriage for some time I can’t do anything with the plot but don’t worry it will be full of mystery fun and romance?❤️️?

I tried my best to at least give you all a teaser sorry but the next chapter would be late bcoz of my hand but yaa it will be full of spiciness

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