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Swasan ff – Military life (episode 1)

Hello guys its Labdhi here with a brand new ff
A girl is shown entering kanchanjunga military academy (KMA) with her bags….she asks a person
Girl: Excuse me can u tell me where is girls hostel
Girl 2: ya sure even m going there come with me…..So which is the room no
Girl: 203
Girl 2: 203 so u r my roommate…..That’s great….Well hi I’m Naina Singh Alhuwaliya
Girl: hi Naina ….this is swara Singh Raizada
Naina didn’t hear Swara’s surname
Yes girl 1 is swara and girl 2 is Naina (LRL)
They both go to their room
Naina: u have to meet the mentors first Captain rajveer Singh Raizada and captain Sanskar Singhania and other faculty members if we don’t meet it’s okay
Swara: ok
Swara (thinks): be ready for the surprise captain rajveer Singh Raizada

Sanskar’s cabin
Swara knocks
Sanskar: come in
Swara goes and stands inside
Sanskar: yes who r u
Swara: sir this is swara Singh Raizada
Sanskar: the new cadet
Swara: yes sir
Sanskar: OK meet captain rajveer and tomorrow morning he will take so he will tell u the reporting time …..Now dismiss
Swara nods and leaves
Naina takes swara to rajveer’s cabin and she stands outside
Swara knocks
Rajveer is in his work so without looking
Rajveer: come in
Swara: sir swara Singh Raizada the new cadet reporting sir
Rajveer sees swara and gets shocked and happy…..He immediately runs towards her and hugs her
Rajveer: swara my shona u here
Naina who was seeing it from door was shocked
Swara: yes m here
Breaking the hug
Swara: I have took admission in KMA
Rajveer: but r u ready for it
Swara: don’t worry Bhai I have topped in entrance exam and also in physical test
Rajveer: m proud of u
Swara: thanx bhai….Bhai during training I want u to think me as ur student not sis
Rajveer: yes so cadet Raizada tomorrow morning sharp 7 hours in the ground
Swara: yes sir
Swara left
Swara and Naina left


Naina: he is ur bro
Swara: yes my real elder brother
Naina: so didn’t u tell him that u r selected
Swara: no only my elder brother arnav who is the eldest brother knew
Naina: ohh
They leave
Precap: everybody gets to know swara is rajveer’s sis and other cadets entry
Naina : Priyanka Bassi
Rajveer: rajeev Khandelwal

Guys true love always win would be posted soon…..My exams r going on but this idea popped in my mind so thought to write this

Hope u guys like it…..Don’t forget to leave ur comments and views….. Positive and negative comments accepted
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