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Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 53

hello friends sinin here back with the next part of does love need perfection ? sorry for the delay. actually I’m not doing fine these days. i have given blood for the 3rd time .and in new year all my best friends have left me alone.I don’t feel to write anymore. but don’t worry I’ll try my best to give updates earliest. please pray for me.
thanks for the comments on last part.



But where is she ? I didn’t saw her for some times.
joy : nandu where is SHONA ?
nandu : SHONA..last I saw her getting phone from 3rd floor.

Laksh : excuse me MR Mittal
JOY : yes Mr Maheshwari ??
laksh : have u seen my brother around here ?
joy : no…but if u want we can check upstairs .
laksh : I would appreciate that. we both stated for the stairs

laksh : he called me sometimes ago but now it’s unreachable.
joy : swadheenta is missing too or maybe they are together.

joy : wait the lift…i rushes towards the lift with laksh.
laksh : these noises….hello is somebody there ?
Sanskar : laksh ! laksh Hurry up ! get us out of here
joy : us…that means SHONA too ??
Sanskar : yes and she is not in a good condition..u guys hurry up

we both feel the urgency in his voice which tensed us more. laksh tried to break it like a wooden door but I didn’t allowed as it could invite more problems. I quickly called the reserve mechanic. he started to open the lift door by a buzzing machine. nandu came and started panicking.
joy : stop panicking… and call an ambulance fast !
by ten minutes the lift door were open but half of the lift was under ground… I saw the vulnerable face of Swara…she was fully drenched in her sweat.
Sanskar first passed Swara carefully and I took her to the ambulance…. she was breathing very fast and really her condition were not fine.
soon Sanskar and laksh joined us. even in this condition she said me to stay and handle other..
Sanskar and laksh took her to hospital.

nandu : hope nothing is serious..
joy : but how can the lift……
nandu : leave it…she is fine na..
joy : still…let me check…once
nandu : not now….let us dismiss the party first
I nodded OK….I really feel something is not good here.

Sanskar POV
her conditions were getting worse. its just her 5th month . oh god please save my life…I want both fit and fine. we reached the hospital and the stupid nurse started her interrogation.
Sanskar : listen I don’t have time. my wife’s condition is serious.. so call the doctor right now !
laksh : bhai…cool down…
the doctor came and took her inside the ICU.
I kept paceing in the corridor.

God please have some mercy..just now she forgave me..just now I got her in my arms and now I don’t want to loose her at any cost. this time I won’t be able to bear it. I want my Swara forever beside me with our symbol of love
and u have to give her to me.

the doctor comes out
Sanskar : doctor… what happened… is she okay…and what about my baby ?
doctor : actually Mr Maheshwari…she’s having breathing problems…we have given her oxygen… and excess and suffocation can lead to abortion at this stage..our gynecologist will be here soon only then we’ll be able to say something.

I felt someone took the ground off from my leg and I sat on floor with a thud…the possibility of abortion shakes me to the core. what will be her condition then. this extreme blissful feeling of fatherhood can’t be taken away like this…oh god don’t punish my child for my deeds…save them….
minutes looked like days and hours like decades… waiting is the worst thing anyone can have.
I’m just waiting to hear that both are fine and I can take them home back.
the doctor came out…
and now I was feeling like my final exam result has come and I have to face it.
doctor : Mr Maheshwari indeed ur lucky…ur wife and child both are fine and u can take them back home tomorrow morning but you’ll have take care.

I just felt some heavenly kind of relaxation which I was waiting for. I looked through the round window… Swara was sleeping there peacefully..
I carefully went inside… she had her oxygen mask for breathing. I felt my baby and a layer of happiness flow across me.thank u sooo much God… now everything is fine . we will live happily ever after.

precap – someone removing the oxygen mask !!

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