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Swasan- Demon and his prey (chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Here we go


Scene 1

A party hall was shown.. all the people dancing and drinking crazily..

At one corner of the room… A person was seen sitting covering his face with a hoddie.

He was continously looking towards a direction that side a girl was dancing among a group of people swaying her body with the beats.

“AMRITA, so when are we going home?” Said someonw to the girl in the group of people dancing along her.

She turned to her and mouthed something and turned back dancing.

The person sitting there smirked and his eyes turn a light shade of red.

“AMRITA, means Immortality but it seems her parents chose it wrong.” He said and moved forward.

Scene 2

A class was shown. Many students were present while a teacher was teaching.

Suddenly in between his class he threw a piece of chalk in some direction.

It goes and hits the head of a girl who was sleeping. Due to sudden contact she jerked open her eyes and realised her position.

She looked towards the teacher who was eying her angrily.

“Swara, again you are sleeping in the class. I am fed up of you. If you wanna sleep then just leave my class otherwise sit properly.” He said and turned towards the board murmering something under his breathe.

“What are you doing Swara?” Her bench mate asked when she saw her placing her books in the bag.

“Going to sleep.” She said and winked at her while her friend sighed in disbelief.

“You are crazy.”

“I know.”

Saying this she picked her bag and came towards the exit.

“Bye Sir.” She said while teacher looked on shocked.

Before he can say anything she left the class.

She left the class and was roaming here and there in the campus.

Reaching to a closed room she started sweating.

Swara:(murmurs) No no no. Not now. Pleaseee.

She pleaded and ran from there sweating profusely.

Some time later the bell rang and students came back from the class.
While she was still thinking something and looked scared.

“SHONA.” someone called her from behind.

She turned around and forgot everything runned and hugged the person tightly.

Swara: Thank god. Ritvik you came. I was so scared.

Ritvik: Why? What happened? Now please don’t start again with your scary stories.

Swara: You never believe me na.

Rithvik: I believe you but this is just your imagination nothing else.

Swara: No this isn’t believe me. You know…..

Rithvik: What Swara? You know we never came to its conclusion. So let it be. I am here to take you out but you.

Swara: Ok baba. Come. Lets go.

She said and both moved out of the college.

Scene 3

A place was shown many people were standing making a circle and was looking at a specific point.

A girl was lying dead in a narrow street.

Media, Police, Ambulance etc. were present there.

Police was investigating.

One of the officer’s removed the hairs from her face and it was revealed to be the same girl

She was lying dead… there was a deep hole type in her neck. It looked as someone has almost ate the part of neck. It was all covered with blood and her eyes were wide open.

She looked terrible. Her body started forming some black patches at some specific regions of her body as on her foot, above the nails and the hairs started separating from her scalp.

All the people standing there were shocked to see the scenario.

Police men was also shocked to see her like this.

Scene 4

At night

Swathvik were standing on the bridge above the river holding each other’s hand and talking and smiling on something.

Rithvik: Shall we leave ?

Swara: You go I will come after some time.

Rithvik: You sure?

Swara: Yeah.

Rithvik: Ohk. Good Night.

Swara: Good Night.

Rithvik kissed Swara’s forhead and left the llace while Swara was standing on the bridge and was seeing the moon with shine in her eyes.

Swara(to herself): This looks so beautiful.

Suddenly the moon started getting lower and it seems as it touches the water.

Swara: What is this happening? At this time? How is this possible?

She looked shocked and asked questions to herself.

Suddenly she heard some sort of voice.

Voice: Everything is possible and this is the most beautiful one of them.

The voice said. She looked towards the direction but was unable to find its source.

Suddenly she started sweating and turned to leave.

Swara: No No No. This is not what I am thinking. I cant listen them. I can only feel. No this is not truth.

Murmuring this she left running from there.

Voice: PREY!!!

to be continued..

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