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It’smanali…4:30am….completely foggy….you can hear the distant sound of a royal Enfield thunderbird…it’s always classic the bike….and it comes nearer and there comes our hero…sanskar!!…..proudly accelerating the bullet!….when he travelled half a mile….he heard a voice…which made him to see a puppy in the middle of the road…whole place was covered with fog…he stops his bike….there…through the fog a girl comes….she took care of puppy dog…and left from the road…that time our sanskar tried to look her face but could not so he continued his ride….he is heading towards college…guess what he is studying 2nd year BBA in the college…this is my first day to college and its getting late..swara…here she comes wearig light pink top and white patiala pant she takes an auto to college..she joined BBA first year..yep same as sanskar…they both didnt meet yet.swara enters college gate and walks through campus..very thrilled..confused..excited..she meets ragini a new friend she joined for same course and walked towards auditorium for freshers gathering..but they saw a huge crowd infront of campus ..when they inquired they said they were waiting for a senior coolest guy in college named sanky (a.k.asanskar). sosanky arrived and college students welcomed him warmly.sanky stood on top of the stairs in between courtyard and announced there will be a huge party at his home tonight and all freshers must attend.ragini slowly kicked swara with her elbows and said “wah yeh kitna handsome hain..agar yeh mera bf hota..”swara interrupts and said tensed about going to sanky’s home for party…


how can we go?asked swara…rags(ragini) said i got a plan no worries…so they both planned to tell their parents some lies so to go to party!…

duh classes have started why u need to go out for? asked dad…. she might have things to buy duh said mom…. mom and dad iwanna say is i have to go buy books for my college today so can i go with my friend? please? askedswara… so finally after lots of discussion they allowed her…so she packed her glittering “partywear” and went to ragini’s house….

-hey iam very much tensed okay said swara..no need to be tensed yaar we are going to meet the hottest boy in town yeaay said ragini. okay so lets start moving before its too late .also how long is from here to sanky’s place..is it too far? should we get an auto?? askedswara… what haha calm down silly its just walking distance from here..lets go come on.said ragini…

heyi guess i know this bike “ROYAL ENFIELD THUNDERBIRD” reads swara.. oh you do? -laughs- duh there are lots of similar bikes in town. said rags… nooi really do know this bike duh at morning when i ran to road to help my puppy i saw this bike..i guess its him!!! said swara surprised and shocked… so ladies and gentlemen welcome to my home!!! take your own time and enjoy folks!! Announced sanky… eee dekho wo kitna handsome hoo. shouted ragini… huh silly yaha aao ..kuch kane kebaadh hum fata fat jayenge okay? saidswara… ooh okay chill duh said ragini. when swara moved in between the rush of crowd by mistake her shoulder touched sanky and was about to fall…but sanky held her arms …looking eye to eye…*background music plays* aankhon mein teri ajabsi ajabsi adaein hain hoo hoo… ragini shouts EEEEIIII *background music stops* …haanmein…i m sorry.. .. BOTH SWARA AND SANSKAR SAYS TOGETHER…both smiles..ahem. iamsanky! and you?? … swara still speechless just stares at him wide eyes… ragini interrupts hi sanky!!! this is swara my friend!! bohot shy hain… swara stares sharply at rags..oops… uh ohkay you people have fun also chot to nahi lagi na? asks sanky to swara… and makes her sit slowly on a chair and her sits on his knees on ground and checks her …swara looks at sanky with affection… he stands up with worried face asks her to get some rest.. walked around inside the house said byes and returned to ragini’s house… rags! i need some books to show my parents because i told them i came for books remember? said swara …. ragini didn’t say a word just sat dreaming…swara throws a pillow at rag’s face… ha haa house was too big ..yeah too nice lots of rooms nad oh yes! a large deluxe swimming pool too!!! said ragini…arey buddhu!!! iam talking about books!! about going back to my home!!!said swara… ohh hehe okay lets go ..go change your dress….!…swara hugs goodnight to rags and walked home.

swara thinking about sanky….the moment she saw from the roadside helping puppy….from college seeing him…. falling on his arms….slowly her eyes closed sleeps….

hey swara kahathi tum? i searched u everywhere.said ragini…. i was..why what happened?asked swara…..don’t you know today is ragging day for freshers said rags….oh my goodness let me go hide under benches.said swara and starts to run in panic….dont!! swara just calm down its just normal..it happens in all colleges .it will later be a fun filled memory said ragini and walked with swara to classroom.
hey what’s your name? do you know to dance? haha that’s called murgee ka dance … now next whats your name?….. ragging continues by group of seniors and our swara and ragini walks slowly with tensions and fear… there comes a voice from behind ..hoyy you girls! where u going come here…. yeah its them calling us!! ragini whispered to swara…they both walked to seniors… one senior asked ragini to sing..she was confused with tension… there was sanky coming nearby n saw swara and called her to him… and ragini looked at her with worries and swara gives her a comforted smile…. hey..you were the girl the previous night at my home party right ?asked sanky.. ah yes that was me .answered swara while still looking at ragini dancing infront of seniors…so..can we talk over a cup of coffee in our coffee parlor? askedsanky…. uh i guess its okay said swara.

swara!! u devil u let me alone with seniors and see how i became a tamasha infront of them??? said ragini… hey don’t worry its just a fun filled memory of your life .winks swara..and laughs..

betaa.. me and your mom decided to move from here.said dad….what??why..how.. where?? asked confused swara… uh beta swaru we are planning to shift our home to mumbai because your dad’s got transferred to mumbai.said mom… b..but mom i just joined the college and we all are just started to know things you know.said swara sadly… i know swara but we can get the transfer certificate from the college and join the best college in mumbai!!! tadahh its just easy see…. oh ..but papa!! .. mom looks at swara in a pleasing way … so swara accepted it..
swara sends a message to ragini in watsapp .. sab kuch khatam hone wala hain ragini … cries.. switched off the phone and sits on the terrace looking at stars while tears rolling down the eyes…

ragini and swara sits holding hands for few minutes not knowing what to say and where to start…. swara slowly rests at rags shoulder and says 15th …on 15th we are gonna shift to mumbai…mumbai… areey stop being sad na ..its just mumbai ..not the end of the world we can still call or chat ..now come on sit straight..wipes swara’s tears and smiles at her.. b..but rags iam gonna miss you and i just started to love things here.said swara…hmm..yeah its gonna be fine . aah wait igotta see someone..she runs toward seniors BBM block… and there he is sanky resting on bench with football jersey and boots… swara thinks something happened to him and ran towards him hurrily and yelled SANKY!! what happened wake up are you okay? …. sanky was just resting after a grand footbal match he woke up panicking to know what happened.. swara is standing infront of her so beautiful..in reddish white anarkali dress… sanky stared at her sad face… swara explained him everything… ohh that’s gonna be bad.saidsanky… will u ever miss me s..sanky? her beautiful black kajal on her eyes starts leaking coz of tears falling down continuosly … sanky tries to calm her down.. hey beautiful flower dont cry.. nothing would happen ..everything’sgonna be alright..wiped her tears and comforted her still feels so sad and his eyes filled with sadness *background music starts* ACHA CHALTA HOON DUAON MEIN YAAD RAKHNA MERE ZIKR KA ZUBAN PE SWAD RAKHNA…… she gets up and tries to go but he holds her arm tight like never want to let her go …both still… but still she tries to take off her arm and runs crying…..


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