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SWARAGINI : The Sisters Story { Epi 1 }

SWARAGINI: The Sisters Story { Epi 1 }

Hiii…Nilu is back….. thank u for the comments… Let’s
start the Episode 1….super excited 


Its Morning,
A big bungalow is shown at the back side of it there is a very beautiful garden in it one girl with shorts and a tee top(her back is shown) is dancing n playing with water and singing the song humma humma …….and from back one man calls “ Shona” . As soon as he shouts her nm… she sees in front n her hair fly in the air…..(u all can imagine it na) n yes she is our swara…..she starts to throw water at her dad….he is none other than shekhar…..they both starts playing like children…(side by side they r watering the plants too)

Suddenly, when they both see in front they r shocked…..ya its none other than Sharmista in an angry mood….as they see her they starts running but sharmista catch them…

Swara: dad we r gone again

Shekhar: u r right shona we need to do situps holding our ears again 

Sumi : Yes u r right come on start but today only 5 bcuz someone is coming so u need to be ready

Both swara n shekhar were happy n confused too they completed their work n set off to be ready….

After sometime every1 are on the dining table to have breakfast…..they all finish their bf n one servant( Ramu kaka) says

Ramu kaka: Di (to sumi) some1 came outside….

Sumi : ok…we r coming

They all head to the main door…….N yes there is Our Dadi (parvati)

When Sumi n shekhar saw her they were both shocked n happy…..they were not understanding is it true that dadi came…..

Swara: Mom who is she?? Little confused

Sumi: (happy) Shona she is your dadi?? U always wanted your dadi see she came 4 u

Sw: really!!!!! N she hugs parvati

Pv: Hey listen (avoiding the hug) no need to do hug n all your parents didn’t teach u to take blessings first (annoyed)

Swara was feeling very confused what is happening…..n then she suddenly saw some1 at the back…..

Sw: Dad there’s some1 behind dadi….who is she ?????

Shekhar was shocked as he saw RAGINI who is little shy n confused like swara ……his first daughter…..tears started falling from shekhar’s eyes…..

Sh: Ladoooo!!!!… Shona she is your dream sis………your own sister…..see shona u got ur sis
As soon as sumi heard the nm Ladoo same happen to her as shekhar feel….they both hugs Ragini N dadi is fuming in anger….

Sw: (supper dupper happy to see her sis) OMG!!!!!!! She tightly hugs Ragini

Ragini too hug her sis tightly…..tears were flowing from every1’s eyes from dadi’s too what a miracle in swaragini’s life…..

Pv: ok ok…enough should we stand here or go out…

Sumi: sorry… sumi n shekhar goes n touch the feet of their mom…

Then every1 enter the house…..N Ragini is surprised to see the house as it is very big compared to that 1 of hers n dadi’s……she was very happy from inside but can’t get why??……

Swara: ganesh dada(their 2nd servant) plz keep their bags n everything in the room next to mom n dad….the big 1….

Pw was shocked as she was getting such a good facility from her own grand-daughter……..as she never thought as swara as her own….

Swara: Dadi n ragini di u go n freshen up we will have some snacks n talks….(smiling)

After some time every1 have some snacks but no one talked a word ragini wanted to talk 2 her mom n dad but dadi didn’t allow her…….

Pw: Ladoo go to the room n rest I will be in a min….go fast

Ragini obeyed as said to her….

Sumi: Shona u also go n do studies n don’t disturb ragini….plz

Sw: ok…..

She goes up in her room n starts studying…

Here the Episode ends…….
Hope u like the Ff……isn’t it full of mystery….suspense
Bye…….  

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