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Swaragini Raglak ff Benaam Rishta Woh (Prologue)

Hello everyone.I was a silent reader till now.I am a hardcore Raglak and Temish fan. Now I decided to write my own fan fiction named “Benaam Rishta Woh”

This fan fiction starts after all that Kavya drama. Laksh has realized his love towards Ragini.

But on the other hand Ragini doesn’t want to give Laksh another chance because she is unable to forget the insults her father and the rest of her family faced only because of her love.


Many of the Raglak fans wanted a story in which Laksh suffers to get back the love of his love and I am one of them. So this story can be one of that type.

Please comment and tell me if you liked it. Here is the prologue of “Benaam Rishta Woh”


Laksh’ s POV


Sab khatam ho gaya. Jis ladki ne mujhe is duniya mein sab se zyaada pyaar kiya, jise maine hamesha sabse zyaada dard diya, jise maine baar baar dhoka diya, jise main apni zindagi se bhi zyaada pyaar karne laga hoon, jisne mujhe meri kamiyon ke saath pyaar kiya, aaj usine mujhe ek aur mauka nahin dena chahti hain. Aur mujh jaise insaan ke saath yahin hona chahiye. Yahin sab ke laayak hoon main. Par chahe jo ho jaaye Main ab sirf tumse pyaar karta hoon. And I will only love you all my life from now.

Ragini’s POV

Aaj humne uss insaan ke saath chod diya jisse humne duniya mein sabse zyaada pyaar kiya. Hum unke chehre pe kabhi bhi takleef nahin dekhna chahte hain. Par humare parivaar ke liye hum koi aur dukh nahin dena chahte hain.

Aaj tak hum humare parivaar ko sirf dard dete aayein hain. Par ab much bhi ho jaye hum apne parivaar par koi bhi aanch nahin aane dekh sakte hain.

Please Laksh. Aap apne zindagi mein aage badhiye hum aapko aur dard mein nahin dekh sakte. Kyunki jo bhi ho jaaye I still love you Laksh…

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