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Swaragini not ending story by teja (episode 5)

By everyone its teja here with next part of swara not ending story

Ragini in hurry came in room.
Ragini- aj to bhut kam tha hum late ho gye h subah jaldi nhi uthna h
She fastly take her clothes and went to change
When she is done with freshen up activity she wear her blouse and peticot .
She search for her saree she didn’t find it she get sacred as laksh is sitting in the bed and saree. Will be in her wardrobe she get sweat .
Ragini after some time open d door
Ragini- suniye
Laksh- boliye
He is working on his laptop he went to ragini who is in washroom closing His laptop …
Ragini- vo hmri saree de dijye udhar rkhi h hmre wardrobe m
Laksh- went to take her saree he is searching her saree he found her undergarments he fastly close them
And at last he found her saree he went to washroom but he think this the best way to come close to her ..
She raise her hand to take it but laksh come in and close the door and
Ragini – yeh kya kr rhe ho koi aa jayega .
Laksh put his hand on her waist and squeeze it and make her come close to him ..
He leave his hot breath on her shoulder and he tug his face on her collar bone
Ragini can’t control him as well as her but she try to deny him . she try to push laksh from her but he tighten his grip ..
Laksh- ragini aj nhi kitne din baad hum karib aye h
Ragini- laksh hathiye plz
He take his lips and press them against with his wife lips and kiss them he do it so deliberately ragini lips start to bleed from the corner .
He take her in his grip and take her to bed ..
And come on top of her and started to kiss her collar bone
She pull his hair after so many days he is touching her with so passion she don’t want to stop him but she is angry..


He press his body against her he try to open her blouse hook and he get successful in it and then he start massaging them with his hands and he want to smell her she smell so good he is going to suck his wife br*asts he push him and fastly close her hooks and stand and wear her saree
Ragini-/ap plz hmre kareeb mt aiye bhagwan k liye
Laksh get angry and bang his hand on the corner of the drawer
Laksh- u know what ragini tumhra gussa jayaz h par is had tak tumhe yaad h jab tum apni marzi se mere Karib ayi thi shayad vo to hmri marriage ke 1 week baad that right uske baad shayd him 6 bar hi aye hoge Jo ki mei jabardasti tumse time mangta RHA right
Ragini bent her down in guilt
Ragini- sorry laksh
Laksh- chup kro samjhi kab tak saho m yeh Sab jab mei tumhre kareebane ki koshish krta hu tab hi tum thaki hui hoti ho thik h fir jab sath mei nhi rehna to chali jao na apne ghar for koo nhi ayega tumhre pas

Ragini- laksh plzz ap.samjhiye baat ko hum abhi yeh Sab nhi chahte
Laksh went and take his pillow and went to sleep on couch
Ragini- laksh kya h yeh sab bed pe aiye
Laksh- kuch ho jayega isliye rehne do
Ragini- laksh hum last baad keh rhe h aa jaiye nhi to
Laksh take his pillow and went to His side of bed and sleep leaving crying ragini..
For u my mampi
And nikky
# swasan fans will not be ablento add.more swasan scenes as my some fandom is saying its not gud that u r writing swasan too so sorry
Plz apologize

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