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Swabhimaan 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Meghna coming to the engagement venue wearing Sharda’s old lehenga. Sandhya, Nand Kishore and Nirmala are shocked. Chote Mama thinks Meghna is looking beautiful. Kalpana tells him that Meghna has worn wrong lehenga, and tells that she has worn Sharda’s dreams and not the one which is given by her inlaws. Asha says they are upset and will think this as their big insult. Sandhya tells Nand Kishore and Nirmala that she has insulted us. Nirmala says she is a kid. Sandhya says she is going to be Chauhan’s bahu and we value and respect Nand Kishore and Bau ji. Nand Kishore says we should clear their misunderstandings and asks Sandhya to make them understand without doing any drama as media is around. Sandhya goes with Nirmala. Sharda is tensed.


Sandhya tells Sharda ji..Sharda

says I know. Sandhya says I need to talk to you and asks her to come. Reporter asks Kunal to pose with Meghna. Kunal says finally you came to your hero today. He says I am seeing you in these clothes for the first time, and have fallen in love with you even more. Sharda accepts that Meghna did mistake. Sandhya says Meghna haven’t done this unintentionally. Meghna comes and says her Mamma didn’t do any mistake. Sharda asks Meghna to go, and apologizes to Sandhya on her behalf. Sandhya asks if you will apologize to us every time on her behalf. She says I told you that this rasam is important to us. She says do you know what happens at your place. You was unaware when she goes out to sign the contract and then she comes here wearing other dress. Nirmala asks Sandhya to leave the matter.

Sandhya says Dada ji praises her values a lot and asks her to tell if they have to bear this insult again and again. Meghna is tensed and thinks what they might be telling Sharda. Asha and Kalpana says we all have to bear insult. Kalpana says we will handle everything. Bade Mama/Vishnu introduces himself to Nand Kishore. Nand Kishore tells him that his niece haven’t worn the dress given to her as per rasam. He says she showed how much she is valuing us, seems like we have taken this decision in a hurry.

Sandhya tells Sharda that you got groom of your choice, but we should have met you people before. Nirmala says kids are happy. Sharda apologizes to her and says we will not do this mistake again. Nirmala holds Sharda’s hand. Naina comes there and asks if we will say sorry always. Sharda says I am seeing that you are getting angrily soon. Naina says they will not value Meghna’s emotions. Sharda says it was our mistake, we should have informed them when they told about this rasam. She gives example of a grass and says sometimes we needs to bend according to circumstances. Meghna comes to Bade Mama and asks what he told you. Bade Mama asks her to relax and asks her to have cardamom.

Sharda comes to Meghna and tells that don’t know where she went wrong in giving good upbringing to her daughters. Meghna says what they thought that I will leave my emotions and will wear whatever they gave me. Sharda says do you know what I felt today…She says I was insulted today and they haven’t insulted me, but you….She says what do you think that they will not have any hopes from their bahu. Meghna says I have nothing important more than you. She says if they don’t respect you then I will not respect them. If you feel, I am not your good daughter then its okay…I am your bad daughter. Naina says di…Meghna says I don’t want to hurt you and says you have faced many hardships for this alliance. Sharda says she wants them to marry in a good family. She says she has to bend and compromises for their happiness. Meghna apologizes to her and cries.

Sharda asks her not to cry, and says you are my good daughter, and emotional too. Bade Mama tells that he thought he came for war and says ladies made issue. Naina teases Meghna about Kunal and says lets go. Meghna tells Sharda that she values her respect more than anything. Sharda asks her to stop and makes her cover her head with shagun dupatta given by Chauhan. Swabhimaan song plays……….Sharda says now you have your mum’s blessings and also their hopes. Asha tells Meghna that it is good that she worn this dress. Kunal makes Meghna smile. Dada ji tells Nirmala that Meghna has worn the dupatta given by us and praises Sharda and Meghna. Nirmala smiles.

Sandhya comes to Nand Kishore and asks if everything is fine. Nand Kishore says yes. Sandhya apologizes to him. Nand Kishore says I can bear anything, but not my insult. He says they are doing our insult purposely. He asks Sandhya not to do another mistake and says Kunal should wear the ring brought by us. Sandhya nods. Nirmala hears them and is shocked.

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