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SS by Prit For First Time. (Devakshi) Part 1

I am writing Short Story For first time. I just hope that u all will like it. I am not too good in writing stories. But after Reading ur Fan Fictions. I also thought of writing SS for you. I will finish it in 2 or 3 parts.

Part 1


(Elina was reading love story book. And Sona enters)
Elina:- Sona
Sona :-Haaa bolo.
Elina:- Sona Sona
Sona:- Tell further. Kabse sona sona kar rahi ho. Aage toh bolo kuch.
Elina:- What do u think about LOVE???
Sona:- what u want to know?? Tell me clearly.
Elina:- I m asking u, what do u think about love. According to you what is Love??
Sona:- I don’t know. And what questions are u asking me??
Elina:- Arre Tell na plzz.
Sona:- U know Elina True Love is unconditional. Love is neither Lust, fear, jealousy, possessiveness, nor it is expecting something from someone.
“Love is giving and it has nothing to do with what you receive”

In unconditional love, the person you love can live his or her life as he or she wants to, and you will still be there for and with them – no matter what.
when you love a person for their innermost essence – their soul. You see the person and not the personality.
Elina:-  OMG ?? kya baat h sona.
I hope ki tumhe bhi aisa hi koi life partner mile.
Sona:- chalo ab he sab band kro mujhe hospital jaana h.

( Sona while going hospital. Meets a young business man)
Sona was already late and she ran hurriedly.
Sona dev se takra jaati h. She was going to fall but dev hold her in his arms. They both share romantic eye lock.
Sona:- ouch.
I am so sorry.
Dev:- Its okk.  But while walking u should see front.
Sona:- yaa I know. Sorry once again.
Sona goes to her cabin.
(Dev in his mind)
Badi ajib ladki h.
Dev goes in that hospital where sona is doctor. Not a nutritionist but a doctor.
Dev was not feeling well. He was suffering from serious health  problem. (Suspense )

Dev’ s treatment is done by Dr. Sinha who is not present as he was out of country for some seminar.
In his absence sona was handling all the patients.
Dev enters Dr. Sinha’s cabin.
Par Dr sinha ki jagah pr sona thi. And he again meets sona.
Dev:- You. What are you doing here and where  is Dr sinha????
Sona:- Due to some seminar they went to America. And i m handling there patients.
Dev:- okkk.
Sona:- U can tell me if u have any problem.
Dev:- Mera treatment Dr sinha kar rahe the. Last week hi mai unke paas aaya tha. Unhone mere kuch test kiye the. Toh mai wahi tests ki report lene aaya tha. Wahi puch na tha ki sab normal h yaa nhi.
Sona:- Reports ke baare me toh mujhe kuch nhi pata. Mai Dr. Sinha se baat krti hu aur aapke reports ke baare me puchti hu. Aap ek kaam kijiye kal aa jaaiye.
Dev:- okk doctor. Firr mai kal aa jaata hu.
Sona:- By the way my name is doctor Sonakshi. Dr sonakshi Bose.
Aur aapka naam taaki mai Dr. Sinha se aapke reports ke baare me puch saku
Dev:- Unse kahiye Dev Dixit milne aae the.
Sona:- okk. U can leave now
Dev:- Thank u doctor. 

(Dev leaves.)
Sona:- bada hi ajib ladka h. Smile bhi nhi karta. He should at least smile.

Plzz do comment my SS. As I had written it for first time. I will post next part soon.

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