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Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 20

Pragya managed to hold him against the wall. She tried patting his face and he was slowly regaining consciousness. Pragya “Are u ok?” Abhi finally looking at Pragya asked “Did u saw him?” Pragya “Who?” Abhi “There was a man behind u! Didn’t u saw him?” Pragya looked clueless and said “I think u are imagining! There was no one behind me!” Abhi “Really? Then why did u come here during the party?” Pragya “I was just feeling suffocated in the crowd! I just came here to have some space to breathe!” Abhi looked doubtfully. Pragya “You don’t trust me?” Abhi “Not like that….but….” Pragya “Flowers don’t lie too….” Abhi “I know but….” Pragya looking sadly said “Flowers only lie on the floor for others to be stepped on it…” Abhi “Now u are talking too much! Just come with me!” Abhi held her hand and brought her back to the living room. As for Pragya, she tried not to look back towards the room. But her thoughts were keep on heading back to the room.
The day was called off after the party but Abhi and Pragya didn’t speak to each other.
Abhi, Why do I felt as if I saw him behind Leiko?
Pragya, It’s good that he didn’t ask me anything after the party. He went to his room and he won’t be out now!
Abhi, Did I really imagined like Leiko said? How can it be possible? All this while, I never even having imaginations of him! Why suddenly I should imagine a dead person? I know I miss him as he was the best uncle who taught me lots of things but how I am having sudden imaginations of Raj uncle now?
He was very disturbed and could only think of sleeping to ignore his thoughts.
Pragya went out of her room and walked as slowly as possible towards the room where the person was still there.
Pragya finally reached the room. She knocked the door. He opened the door.

Pragya “If u are coming in disguise then u should have remained in it!” He didn’t respond and looked at her with a smile. Pragya “Why are u smiling?” He showed some pictures of hers in different places and she looked puzzled. Pragya “ Are u following me?” Raj uncle “Why do I need to follow u when u are already close to my nephew!” Pragya “Then what are these pictures?” Raj uncle “These are the pictures when he asked to follow u with some detective!” Pragya “How do u know this?” Raj uncle “That doesn’t matter now…I am following both of u from the start….” Pragya “I know that’s what I don’t like….But why does he have to follow my actions?” Raj uncle “Will u believe if I tell u?” Pragya “Uncle! Just tell me I am already scared that what if he comes now!” Raj uncle “He won’t come as he is now disturbed…..whenever he is disturbed, he won’t disturb others instead he will sleep with the disturbances in his mind….” Pragya impatiently said “I don’t want to know all that! Will u please tell me why he assigned some detective to follow me?” Raj said how Abhi is affected by her visuals and dreams after his accident. Hearing that Pragya looked puzzled. Pragya “You mean to say I am disturbing him?” Raj uncle raising his eye brows said “Or it can also be considered as he is disturbed by u!” Pragya “Both is the same right?” Raj uncle “Not really…He was disturbed by getting thoughts and dreams of u…But u are not aware of it then how can it be u disturbed him?” Pragya “No Uncle…you are just trying to convince me…but the truth is I disturbed him!” Raj uncle “So what? Now he is ok right? He is always happy with u!” Pragya “But what if…” She couldn’t complete her sentence and started to cry looking at the flute on the table.
Raj uncle who was all the while sitting on a chair moved towards the table. He took the flute and said “He played this and u were mesmerized by the music! After that u felt his music is as genuine as your memories with your family….” Pragya still with tears said “Yes….that’s why I signalled to the goons not to retaliate him when he was beating them!” Raj uncle “The goon attack that u planned was the foolish thing u have done!” Pragya “I know…but what can I do when I got to know that his family was the reason for being not able to live in my house!” Raj uncle “You did that in a fit of anger Pragya! I can understand….But now u know that his family was not the reason but it was me!” Pragya “That is the problem Uncle! You are part of his family! Although u proved the world that u are dead but Ma is still angry towards his family!” Raj uncle “Of course Pragya….Sarla had fond memories of the house! After all it’s where she got married and started her life!” Pragya “I don’t know how to convince Ma and I am also not in good terms with her…”Raj uncle “That’s why u have to work with Abhi!” Pragya “I know….but I am feeling guilty…he even came up with a story that I was used as a trump card for the goon attack!” Raj uncle “He have that much love towards u…that he don’t want u to be disturbed that u are the reason for the attack….Why can’t u see that?” Pragya “ I can feel his love with what he said but….” Raj uncle “What is stopping u?” Pragya “It’s him!” Raj uncle “What do u mean?” Pragya “He came into my life suddenly when I had my plans! I wanted to prove myself to Ma that I can be successful in my way! You know Ma always have no faith in me! She had lost faith in everything after losing dad and the house….I did tried to make her believe that she should have faith in the things around her! But she didn’t!” Raj uncle “If this is your problem then u should find a solution for it but how do u link it with Abhi?” Pragya “I feel he shouldn’t have entered my life! Because of him I am not able to prove myself!” Raj uncle “Listen Pragya…He won’t be of a disturbance to your hopes or plans! You can share it with him!” Pragya “How can I when the guilt inside me is killing me?” Raj uncle “For god’s sake, just tell him everything and he will understand!” Pragya “I won’t tell him…” Raj uncle in shock asked “Why?” Pragya “First u tell him that u are alive!” Raj uncle “I can’t! Everyone is believing in this way and let it be!” Pragya “Then why are u staying here now?” Raj uncle “Pragya! My situation is different and u can’t force me to tell him the truth!” Pragya wiping her tears off said “Ok fine Uncle…then u continue in this way of secretly admiring your nephew and I will be secretly admiring my husband! I won’t share with him anything unless u tell him that u are alive!” Raj uncle “Pragya! I am the past in his life….but u are his present and will be present in his life now!” Pragya “Uncle! I can be his past too years later…but there should be truthfulness present in both past and present! It can’t be filled with lies, right? Did u see just now how shocked he was when he saw u behind me?” Raj uncle emotionally said “I know Pragya….I brought him as my own son…he spent more time with me rather than with his parents….He adores me and he is always talking about me to everyone he knows…but my death news was only a shock to him! All those whom I thought loved me were happy about it!” Pragya “Don’t u think at least for that reason he should be aware that u are alive?” Raj uncle firmly said “No!! To me it’s enough that I saw him just now and I will be seeing him secretly as always! I will always be like his shadow!” Pragya “If that’s the case…then I am leaving Uncle…I will be also like u!” Raj uncle “Pragya this is not fair!” Pragya “Everything is fair in love and war Uncle!” Raj uncle saw her leaving the room and he also left the room a few hours later without the knowledge of Abhigya and the security guards present.


Abhi woke up just to get shocked seeing duppata on his bed! Abhi, What is this now? Am I even imagining Leiko’s duppata?
Just then he saw Pragya coming out of the bathroom dressed up in a blue salwar kameez with some clothes in her hand. Abhi looked blankly at her.
Pragya in return smiled and asked “What happened to u?” Abhi “Nothing! I am not sure am I imagining or is this real?” Pragya “It’s real! Don’t worry I just came to your room to use the bathroom. In my room, the water is not coming! I tried to call u but u didn’t pick up my call. I just tried my luck opening the door and it was not locked so I just came in!” Abhi in confused tone asked holding onto the duppata “This duppata? What is this doing on my bed?” Pragya with a smirk said “To give u shock!” Abhi “Shock? It did gave me a shock but I like the texture of this! Can I keep it with me?” Pragya “Keep it for now but give me back when I need it!” Abhi with a cute pout said “That’s so sweet of u!” By saying that he covered his face with the duppata and laid back on the bed with his eyes closed. Pragya walked opened the door and looked at him in admiration of his cuteness.
Pragya, He is just a kid! How can he always be so cute and also bothering me?

Abhi still with his eyes closed asked “Why are u still standing at the doorstep?” Pragya was taken aback and said “Wo…nothing! I am leaving!” Abhi “Close the door before u leave!”
Pragya, How can he even know that I was at the doorstep without even looking at me? Maybe this is called the senses of love! He senses my presence!
She was preparing to leave for work and that’s when she received a message from Raj uncle.
Pragya, No way if he is not ready to admit the truth then I will have to make the truth revealed to Abhi!
Abhi was again awake by the sounds of heavy rain and thunder sound. Abhi, Why the rain is so heavy? I can’t even sleep peacefully!
He waked up from the bed and was shocked to see Pragya standing outside in the rain. Abhi, What is this now? Am I imagining or is this real now?
He couldn’t stand her seeing being in rain and he rushed out of the house as fast as he could.
Abhi “Why are u standing like this? Just come with me now!” Pragya remained silent and was standing still. Abhi pulled her by holding her hand and Pragya resisted him. Pragya looking at Abhi “Why are u after me when u know that I am disturbing u?” Abhi “What are u saying? Just come with me…It’s raining heavily Leiko…Don’t be stubborn!” Pragya “I know everything Abhi! I know that u are disturbed by me….by my thoughts and dreams!!” Abhi was shocked to hear that and asked “From when did u know all this? Did Purab or anybody told u?” Pragya “How does it matter?” Abhi “It matters as I feel u are something to me….” Pragya “If that’s the case…. then I have decided that you should accept something too…. Except for u nobody will be able to accept that!” Abhi “Ok but What’s that?” Pragya held his hands and brought him to his car and ask him to drive as per her instructions to a place.

Abhi “I can’t understand one thing Leiko…” Pragya “What is that?” Abhi “Why are u so confusing? I mean who will make others to be this much confused when in the first place you don’t want to be confused!” Pragya with a calm smile looked at Abhi. Abhi “Will u say something?” Pragya “I am not confusing….I am just giving u hints so that u won’t be confused! My confusions are your hints kiddy!” Abhi “What? I shouldn’t have asked about this! This is even more confusing now! Wait u called me kiddy?” Pragya “Yes kiddy! My nickname to u! You always behave like a kid! Which means u are kiddy!” Abhi in shock “What kind of name is this? It sounds so childish!” Pragya “That’s what it meant! Like a small child!” Abhi got angry hearing to all this and walked away from her. Pragya was still sitting at the place where she was and looked at him walking away from her with a wide smile.

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