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Sita Urmila

today, I am trying to write something about Sita and her sister Urmila.
Sita and Urmila were asked to stay in Ayodhya by Ram and Lakshman. However, Sita managed to convince her husband and following her but in contrast to the situation, Urmila asked to follow Lakshman in exile but she stayed when her husband requested her to do so saying that he may not be able to look after her in exile period.
The result was totally shocking. Sita has to be separated from Ram for 1year and for entire life.

Lakshman Urmila lived there life together after their 14 years of separation during exile. They got and enjoyed the opportunity of rearing their children Angad and Chandraketu together, may have seen their marriage and their grand sons but Ram Sita didn’t have that opportunity.


Bharat Mandavi and Shatrughn Shrutakirti also had this opportunity.
Other than Ram Sita, the other 3 pairs lived together for 11000 years.
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