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Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (episode 6) *Suspense*

Hi guys welcome to the suspense..!
The epi starts with the gang of thieves attacking ram. Lakshman shouts bhaiyya, attack, tadaka’s demons are back. Ram says Lakshman, where’s your bow? Lakshman takes his bow n shoots arrows upon the thieves. Half of them run away, and the other half lie down injured. A man informs the police.

Siya thinks maybe they (ram and Lakshman) are lost in the Market. Urmi says they’re not kids at all. Siya says butt… We have no idea what they’re upto. It doesn’t take so much of time to bring a new tv. Urmi says whatever didi, I wish they remain in the market not to return. How irritating they are? OMG. Siya says don’t say lyk that Urmi. We don’t know what help they can provide when. And they’re not bad people at all. They’re so sweet. Urmi about to get unconscious by her talks gazes her confused. Sweet…!? Oh my god didi, sweet…!? Is our dictionary short of words? And if that’s really sweet, I suggest you should eat then up. Really delicious ?. You love sweet, don’t you? Siya says no Urmi, you…….’


The doorbell rings. Urmi sys see, those sweet people of yours are back. I’ll go and see, hope my TV is alright. Siya gazes her, you’re still stuck over your TV? Why don’t you just marry your TV ?? And then…. Urmi opens the door n shouts police…!! Siya says what..!? Police ??.? The policeman says we arrested these two people for beating up five people on the road. They say you know them? Siya looks at ram n Lakshman. Urmi says yes yes, go go, arrest them, specially the younger one. He broke my TV. Siya says go and marry your TV, let me talk first. Go.! Siya sys why did they beat the five people? Policeman says they don’t have any sense of rules and regulations. Lakshman interrupts-Which rule says you to arrest the princes of Raghukul? You’ll be punished. Siya says at least now stop your jokes for a moment please, don’t you know what can happen because of your jokes? Urmi says if only your life is dear to you then stop calling yourselves the princes of raghukul and whatever…

Policeman says some robbers had attacked them, and then,.. Urmi says very good, very very good. If you’ll wear so many ornaments out there you expect people to shower flowers on you, don’t you? Ram says yes, in Ayodhya people do the same. Policeman says would you let me speak or I shall put you four in prison? Siya says I apologize on the behalf of my naughty sis and these two so called princes. You may continue. policeman says first they wear loads of jewellery and then go away on the road, and instead of informing the police they beat the people up, that’s okay, but using arrows, who does that..!? Siya says I’m extremely sorry on the behalf of these two men, plz leave them.. Can’t you?i promise this wont happen again. Policeman says we could’ve put them in jail for breaking the laws, that too for years… But we were in search of this gang from one year, so we would rather leave them. But if any report like this comes again then we’re not going to spare them. As their wives it’s your duty to look this. If it happens again you will also get punishment.

Urmi says wives..??? Policeman says yes, aren’t you their wives, we thought only a wife can protect her husband like this. Anyways here’s your TV and ur two men. Police leave… Siya asks are you okay? Ram says yes, they did right, even if a prince commits crime he should get punishment for the same. But those were tadaka’s demons. Lakshman shouts who’s the king of this kingdom.? Who dare insult my bhaiyya? Ram asks him to calm down.. Urmi switches on the TV. Siya goes to cook the food. Urmi says dii, plz cook something special on my TV’S b’day. Maybe spaghetti pasta today? Ram and Lakshman says spee-ghee-tti pass -thaa!? Urmi says now don’t say you don’t cook pasta in ayodhya. Siya smiles

At lunch time,..
Ram and Lakshman r sitting on the table. Siya says here comes your pasta ????. Ram and Lakshman gaze at the noodles in confusion. Ram says I’ve never seen such long rice ever in my life. Siya says they’re not rice. Lakshman tastes it and says wWoWw… It’s delicious ? And thankfully it’s not as spicy as the noodles she makes (–pointing-to-urmi–) urmi says what-what did u say? Keep the noodles back. Keep them back.
Past:-Mahadev tells Vishwamitra that they’ll have to inform ramlak about the time machine. We’ve to tell them they’re trapped in the time cycle

Precap- The time experiment fails throwing off ramlak to somewhat more past then expected . But they’re not alone..!

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