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Shatkirti moments

Shatrughn is sitting on the couch. Shrutakirti comes with food.
Shrutakirti – it’s our marriage anniversary and he doesn’t remember this
Urmila – may be, Shatrughn would be kidding
Shrutakirti – no, but this can’t happen
Mandavi – you will see, he will wish you before the party
Sita – now, leave the tension and do the preparations
Lakshman – now, we have to finish our work fast, otherwise they will get angry
Shatrughn – you don’t fear enemy but fear bhabhi Bharat – that is the problem with all of us
They smile.
Shatrughn gets ready.
Shrutakirti – he got ready, but didn’t wish me, should I wish him, no, let’s see, he remembers or not
Shatrughn – please go to the store room, ma is calling you, I am leaving as bhaiya called me, he leaves
She gets ready and leaves.
She goes downstairs.
Someone pulls her inside
It is Shatrughn
Shrutakirti is shocked to see the room, it was decorated
He takes a flower and gave it to her saying, happy anniversary,
Shrutakirti – happy anniversary to you also
Shatrughn – how is the surprise
Shrutakirti – romantic, they hug
Shatrughn – now, we should leave, others would be waiting
Lakshman – no, take your time
Shatrughn – everyone is here
Ram – because you forget to close the door
All laugh and they got shy

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