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Shatkirti love

pari sis hs asked to write ff on shatrughn and shrutakirti,so i m wrriting one ff about them ,plz read and comment

its morning,Shrutakirti ws sitting on bed,shatrughn enters the room and admires his wife ,the rays of sun are falling on her beautiful face and making it glow
Shrutakirti says-swami,you came
shatrughn says -my lovely wife is happy so i am also happy ,he moves his hands on her face.Shrutakirti says -swami,i was remebering my chilhood days,anyways i waant to ask something about your childhood

shatrughn says-ok,you know,i and lakshman bhaiya were most naughty among four.shrutakirti says-you both are still naughty.they laugh.Shatrughn says-once,when we were kids,we twins use to go kitchen at night and cook tasty snacks but ram and bharat don’t go,but they join us in eating when we insist them but one day,sumitra ma caught both of us and gave us punishment for the next whole day .

shrutakirti says-its funny but what was the punishment.Shatrughn says-to stand outside the kitchen and getting only satvik bhojan.she says-but ram and bharat.Shatrughn says-we haven’t taken their names as they might get scoldings but they told themselves to everyone and joined us in punishment.She says-you 4 brothers hv strong bond just like we 4 sisters.they smile and hug.

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