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Shakti 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bebe serving food to Maninder. Maninder says it is enough. Soumya comes there holding shagun tray. Maninder gets angry seeing her and pushes the plate. He gets up angrily and goes to Soumya. He asks why did you come here and what is this? Soumya hesitantly tells him that she brought alliance for Surbhi. Maninder asks have you gone mad, Surbhi’s alliance is fixed with Abhishek. Soumya hesitantly tells him that she brought someone else alliance for Surbhi. Maninder asks what do you mean? Soumya says I brought my husband’s alliance for your younger daughter and my younger sister. Maninder is shocked and asks have you gone mad, and thought relations as game. He is about to throw the shagun plate. Surbhi stops him holding his hand. Maninder is shocked. Surbhi says that day Abhishek


took our relation also back with the clothes. Maninder is shocked. Nani takes the shagun in her hand.

Maninder says so this was going on behind my back, I won’t let this marriage happen. I will call Police if needed, and won’t let your life ruined. He is about to call Police, but Surbhi says she is an adult now and is marrying with her wish. She says if you call Police then you will land in trouble. Bebe stops Maninder. Maninder asks Bebe if she is seeing? He says I wish I would had done a second marriage and had a son. Atleast he wouldn’t made me insulted like Surbhi did. Nani asks Soumya to come.

Preeto asks Harak Singh, what is going on in his mind. Harak Singh says if both Harman and Surbhi is agreed for marriage, then why did we send kinnar with Shagun to Maninder’s house and why we haven’t gone. Preeto says so that nobody doubts that we are behind this. She says Soumya and Surbhi are just puppets to my game. Nani makes Soumya have kheer and says don’t know if it is like of Nimmi’s. Soumya says it is really good. Nani sees Nimmi, Soumya and Surbhi pic, and says Mata Rani have heard your ardaas, your both daughter will be together always. She cries. Soumya hugs her and says Maa will be with us forever. She asks where is Choti? Nani says she must be here.

Surbhi meets Harman in the restaurant. Harman tells Surbhi that he don’t want to remarry, and asks her to refuse for marriage. He says if he gets another alliance, he will handle, and asks her to refuse for now as he has promised Soumya. He says I can’t give my Gulabo’s place to anyone. Surbhi is tensed and thinks what to do. She thinks how to tell you that your mum kept this condition infront of me.

Maninder comes to Harak Singh’s house and says you can’t play with my family being rich. Harak Singh asks him to sit and calm down. Maninder says I won’t let my daughter marry here. Harak Singh is shocked. Preeto smiles and tells Maninder that you are doing a wonder. You don’t think before saying anything. She says Harman’s room is so big as yourhouse. She says we have so many stairs which you don’t have. She says everything is ours and we can find many girls for our son. Harak Singh says what is our fault if your elder daughter turn out to be kinnar, and says your Surbhi will rule in this house. Preeto asks him to bless Surbhi if he wants and asks him to attend marriage, else Surbhi will marry anyhow and will not count her decision. Pandit ji comes. Harak Singh says he is the father of the girl. Maninder looks on. Pandit ji tells that mahurat is good. Soumya comes back and hears him. Harman also comes back. Pandit ji says mahurat is on tomorrow till sunsets. Harman is shocked. Harak Singh says tomorrow. Preeto approves mahurat date.

Surbhi comes back home after meeting Harman. She recalls what Harman said and asked her. Nani talks to Soumya over phone. She informs Surbhi that Soumya called. Surbhi asks what she said. Nani says Soumya said that marriage is tomorrow. Surbhi is shocked and says we have less time. I will do my packing and asks her to pack her stuff too.

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