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Shakti 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman asking Preeto what is happening in the house, and why they have taken his life decision without asking him. He says you people hates Soumya so much then why showing affection towards her suddenly. He asks them to hate Soumya as his love is enough for her. Preeto says you are thinking us wrong. Harman says I will not marry Surbhi. Preeto says it is not my wish. It is Soumya’s wish to see you married to Surbhi, we just said yes to her wish. Soumya says yes. Harman asks her to keep quiet and says one should learn from my mum how to shoot someone by keeping gun on others’ shoulder. Harak Singh says this way both sisters can stay together and we will get our heirs. Shanno is shocked. Harman claps and says wah…you will get everything. Everyone cares for this house respect


and heirs, but if anyone thought about me and Surbhi’s emotions. Everyone cares for toys thinking who will play with it. He says I will not marry Surbhi and goes.

Soumya is about to go, but Shanno holds her hand and says so you was planning this game. You made Mahi leave from here and got your sister’s place fixed here. She says only Mahi will marry Harman and asks her not to take Surbhi’s name. Preeto says Harman is my son and asks who is she to decide. She asks Viren/Veeran to make his wife understand else she will break her hands. She takes phone from her hand. Shanno asks her to return phone. Preeto says this is my house matter and nobody will use phones until this marriage is done. She asks Viren to give phone. He says I have to use it for factory work, but Preeto commands him to give phone. Viren gives. Shanno thinks her husband is of no use.

Surbhi waits for Soumya’s call. Nani says Harman will not agree for this marriage. Surbhi says I will talk to jiju and will try to convince him. Nani says no and asks her not to worry, let Soumya fight and overcome her troubles. Raavi comes to Preeto. Preeto asks her to have oranges. Raavi says now you are planning to get Kinnar’s sister here as bahu and says nobody thought about my pain. Preeto says once Surbhi gets married, I will take revenge from them. I haven’t forgotten about their betrayal. Raavi says what we will tell that Soumya and Surbhi are both Harman’s wives.

Preeto laughs and says she has planned everything and nobody will know about Soumya. She comes to Soumya and asks her not to eat food after taunting her. Soumya nods. Harak Singh tells that food must be tasty as saas and bahu are making food together. Preeto says Harman likes Soumya’s hand made food as she is a good cook. Soumya comes and serves food to everyone. Preeto asks Soumya, if she will not have food. Soumya says I am not hungry. Harman says I know why you don’t want to eat. Soumya says until you agree, I will not have food. Harman asks if you will die hungry. Soumya says it is good as reason will end. Harman gets angry and goes without having food.

Soumya also goes. Preeto says I am so hungry and will eat food. She tastes food and looks on. Soumya is in her room. Preeto comes there. Soumya says he is not agreeing. Preeto says he will agree now, and asks her to lift water bucket full of ice balls. She asks her to go to terrace holding bucket. She says when Harman comes there, and see you shivering with cold, he will agree. She takes her shawl and says you don’t need it, asks her to go. Soumya goes.

Shanno gives turmeric milk to everyone. Harman comes back home and sees everyone having turmeric milk. He calls Soumya’s name and goes to his room. He couldn’t find her there and asks Preeto, where is Soumya? Preeto says she is on terrace. Harman says you are drinking hot milk here, and sent her to terrace. Preeto says she is not a child to agree me and says we have kept turmeric milk for her also. He goes to terrace and sees Soumya standing on the wall and shivering with cold. He gets shocked and asks have you gone mad? He asks her to get down. Soumya refuses to get down until he agrees to her sayings. He asks have you gone mad? You will fall ill. Soumya asks him not to come near her, else she will throw ice water on her and will die with cold all night. She throws ice and water bucket on her. Harman is shocked.

Soumya asks him not to come near her and shivers. She says she will shout and will gather everyone. She asks him to agree, else she will die by standing here. Harman asks what you will get by blackmailing me and says once you remarries someone else, I will have problem. If you marry Surbhi, then there will be no problem. Harman gets thinking. Raavi says we shall go and see the drama. Preeto asks her to drink milk and stay there. Harman tells Soumya that he just wants her and not Surbhi. He asks her to think about Surbhi. Soumya says you came to kidnap Surbhi only that day, but I was kidnapped instead. Harman says only you are my wife. Harman says how we will fulfill this relation. Soumya says if you marry her, then we can stay together. She says what a kinnar wants, more than this. Harman says if my answer is no. then…Soumya gets down and keeps his hand on her head asking him to agree or let her go from his house. Harman looks on.

Soumya brings Shagun to Maninder’s house. Maninder asks what is this? Soumya says it is shagun for Surbhi and Harman’s marriage. Maninder is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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