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Shakti 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman in his room, thinks if Surbhi refused for marriage and why she haven’t call him till now. Surbhi thinks about Nimmi and their happy moments. Harman thinks to call Surbhi. He calls her. Surbhi recalls what Harman had asked her and keeps phone on silent mode. She thinks about Soumya’s words that Preeto wanted her to marry Harman. Soumya comes to Harman and asks what happened? Are you tensed and calling someone. Harman asks her to go and don’t question him. Soumya nods and goes. He calls Surbhi again. Surbhi switches off her phone and thinks what to talk to you, and tell that this marriage is not a marriage, but business which your mum did with my sister. She says I can’t tell you anything.


Maninder is worried. Bebe comes to him and asks him not to get sad and

say something. Maninder cries badly. Bebe asks him to stop it and listen to her. She says this alliance is not that bad for our Surbhi. Maninder asks what you are saying? Bebe says that house and family are good. One day Harman will forget Soumya and our Surbhi will rule the house. Maninder asks how can I let Surbhi marry. Bebe asks him to leave some questions on destiny. Surbhi asks Nani where is Maninder? If he is coming with us. Bebe comes and says Maninder is distributing sweets and told everyone that you are going to do job somewhere. Surbhi says this is wrong. Bebe says he is head of the family and is answerable to the society. She says we are not your enemies and loves you a lot. She gives her jewellery and clothes which she had kept for her marriage. Surbhi looks at Nani for her approval. Nani nods her head. Surbhi takes it.

Shanno, Soumya and others are busy in the arrangements. Preeto asks Shanno if arrangements are done. She sends Soumya to call Harman for haldi. Shanno thinks she can’t see Harman marrying Surbhi. Harman calls Surbhi again, but her phone is off. He thinks why she has not refused till now. Soumya comes and asks you are not ready till now. She asks him to wear yellow kurta and come for haldi rasam. Harman goes downstairs. Preeto asks Viren to ask maharaj to make kachoris.. Viren says work is done. Harak Singh praises Preeto for the arrangements and hugs her. Nani, Maninder, and Bebe come there. Harak Singh and Preeto greet them. Preeto asks about Surbhi. Harman thinks if seems Surbhi refused for marriage. Harman tells Preeto that he wants to tell her something. Just then Nani asks Surbhi to come. Surbhi comes. Preeto and Harak Singh are happy.

Surbhi greets Harman. Harman is upset with her. Preeto asks Surbhi to get ready for haldi rasam and asks Harman to get ready. Harman asks Soumya to give her phone as he needs to make an urgent call. Soumya says I kept my phone in room. Harman asks Surbhi to give her phone. Surbhi gives her phone. Harman switches her phone on and goes to his room. He sends her a message, asking why did you come here, I asked you not to come. Surbhi ignores his message and throws phone on bed. Harman thinks atleast she would have replied to my message. He throws his phone on the bed and thinks why these sisters think that silence is the solution for any problem. Preeto likes the decorations and says groom and bride will sit for their haldi at opposite sides. Sindhu goes to call Harman. Raavi tells Preeto that Surbhi would have done this rasam at home, and asks why she came here. Preeto says this marriage is not simple, as Harman is marrying his saali and we have to hide his first wife’s truth. She asks her to have almonds.

Harman gets ready for haldi and wears yellow kurta. He thinks surbhi have gone mad and not replying to me. Sindhu informs him to come downstairs.

Someone calls Saya and informs her something. Saya is shocked and thanks the person for giving info. She recalls giving Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand and asking him to make Soumya happy always. She thinks she won’t let Soumya feel betrayed. Bebe applies haldi on Surbhi’s face and hands. Preeto applies haldi on Harman’s face and blesses him. Nani applies haldi on Surbhi’s face. Soumya is teary eyed and sad. Soumya looks at Surbhi and then Harman. Tu hi Mera khuda music plays as she recalls their moments. She says whatever I am doing is for you.

Harman tells Surbhi that he is bounded by the kasam and can’t refuse. Surbhi says I am also bounded by the kasam. Pandit ji asks Harman and Surbhi to stand for pheras. Surbhi asks him to stop and says these rounds will not happen. Viren opens door and finds Saya and other kinnars standing at door. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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