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Santoshi Maa 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gaumata asking a bull to move her way, as she has to talk to Mahadev. The bull runs towards her. Gaumata moves and gets saved. Santoshi screams in pain. Daksha says we will not let you meet Santoshi and baby. Dhairya gets angry and holds gun. Trishna says its not right time, they will call villagers, let baby be born, then we will show gun and take baby. He tells Daksha that he will take baby and leave.


Madhuri says I think we should call police. Sharmili says no, he is father of child, police will take his side. Dadi says I have a way. Bull stops Gaumata again. Gaumata says don’t think my request is my weakness, I will surely meet Mahadev. She turns to cow avatar and fights with the bull. Dadi calls Kaki. Kaki asks is everything fine. Daid says nothing is fine here,

Santoshi went to temple and fell, she has pain, Dhairya created big issue here. He says how did Dhairya reach there, are Santoshi and baby fine. She says doctor is checking Santoshi, I think delivery will happen today, Dhairya is saying he will take baby with him. He says I will manage Dhairya, take care of Santoshi.

Santoshi getting treated by doctor. She says we have to make Santoshi conscious. Santoshi gets conscious. Doctor asks her to try to push. Santoshi Maa is seen in her tapasya. Gaumaa thinks it will be tough to fail him, I can do this by senses. She pushes the bull down the cliff. She says I can’t waste time now. Dhairya keeps gun at Daksha’s head and asks them to throw sticks. He scolds them. Daksha and Madhuri hold Dhairya. Sharmili catches Trishna. Doctor comes to them. Dhairya asks what happened. Doctor signs no and goes.

Gaumata meets Devi Parvati. She asks for Mahadev. Devi Parvati says he is doing tap. Gaumata says Santoshi Maa’s tapasya is having hurdles and Santoshi is in big problem, help them Maa. Dhairya and everyone rush inside. Doctor says you all were fighting for this baby, he died, we could not save his life. Dhairya and everyone cry seeing the baby. Devi Paulmi laughs seeing this. Devi Santoshi is still doing tapasya. Devi Paulmi says Trishna did all this. Doctor says Santoshi was very weak. Dhairya says I want my baby come. Trishna says this is not possible, calm down. He says my baby can’t die. He takes his baby and hugs. Dadi says Santoshi has bear so much problem, she got punished. Everyone cry. Devi Parvati see all this and say this happened bad, you tell me everything in detail. Gaumata tells everything.

Devi Parvati heals Gaumata’s wound. Gaumata says Devi Paulmi has hurt Santoshi Maa, do something. Devi Parvati says don’t worry, I will talk to Mahadev in this matter soon. Gaumata says don’t know what will happen when Mata knows this. Daksha and Madhuri stop Dhairya, and scold him for torturing Santoshi, this baby died because of you. He says she had to keep fasts and go temple, that’s why this happened. Sharmili says no, she took medicines on time, you treated her like animal. Madhuri asks Dhairya to leave baby. He refuses. Madhuri says this baby is dead. Santoshi gets conscious. She asks Dadi for her child. Dadi cries and says your baby died in your womb. Santoshi gets shocked. She cries. Dadi asks Lord why did you do this with Santoshi.

Kaka comes. Dhairya says I will not give my baby to anyone, even if baby had died. Kaka gets shocked hearing it. Dhairya says you can’t touch my baby, no one can touch him, you don’t deserve to be called Dada. He hears Santoshi crying and says Santoshi killed my baby, I told her to take care, you all supported her, see result now. Trishna says I told you, it will be your loss if you stay with losers, you lost baby, now you can’t harm Santoshi. He gives baby to her and goes to talk to Santoshi. He claps and says your stubbornness killed my child.

Dhairya blames Santoshi for killing his child, you have no right to see my baby’s face, you signed divorce papers, your baby and husband too died for you, don’t show me your face again.

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