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samragni-the empress(43)

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Samragni epi 43

The two years leap is over….


In those two years, so many changes have occurred for which not only that empire people but also the seasons has amazed….

That kind of change….
When the love has turned to hatred…
When the affection has turned to anger…
When the silence has turned rage…

That change has made Samragni to stand in such a war as a warrior which world doesn’t want to witness. That change, which made Samragni as a arrogant empress… which taught her to wage this ferocious war… which people doesn’t want to witness..!

The sky has covered with dark clouds upon that war field…the thunders and lightning are striking…. The wind is blowing in a wild way….

The gods has covered that spot with those clouds as they don’t want to see this battle.

Every thunder and lightning is asking them to stop the war..

Bcz… it is not the war between two enemies but… it is the war between two soul mates.

The opponent who is standing before Samragni is no one but her beloved Samrat.. Laksh..!

Ragini is standing with her army forces. Laksh is with his army.

The pin drop silence which is only disturbed by the thunder sounds and the wind sounds.

In that thunder striking too… a deep sound is arising which is heard only by them. Their heart beats..!!

They are going to start a war which no one ever expected. Whoever never wanted..!!

Laksh: Samragni devi..!! Your call for war is really fantastic. I would like to make this war..!

Ragini keeps looking sternly.

Laksh: But, not between these two armies..! Just between you and me..!!

Sanskar and Dp shocks who are behind Ragini.

Laksh: I don’t want to make much bloodshed for your thirst of occupying empires..! let’s both fight…. If I win, the whole gadodiya empire will be to enemies. If you win…

Ragini: the enemy empire is also mine..!!

Laksh smirks… Ragini too smirks. Both get off from their horses. They hold a sword and a shield. Both comes to face to face.

Dp closes his eyes. Sanskar has tears. The enemy king Chirag is looking in tensed.

The enemy empire is ‘North Empire’

A huge thunder strikes. Ragini and Laksh are looking at each other in rage. Their eyes showering anger. But, bottom of those eyes have only love…which both can feel.

Ragini raises the sword, Laksh keeps his sword as defense. They both remember how they hugged first time.

Laksh pushes her back, she get balance on her foot and tackles him again. He keeps his sword as defense. Ragini keeps beating his sword..Laksh is going back while fighting… Ragini keeps the sword stongly on his sword which makes his sword lie to ground…suddenly Laksh pushes her back with all force… she falls back and she balances with sword keeping it on ground.

A thunder again strikes….now the heavy rain starts.

The whole area is dark as the dark clouds have covered the sun.

Ragini stands again and looks at Laksh who was holding sword in rage. Both have an enemy eye lock…

Looking at them Sanskar reminds a small fb…

Ragini is ordering all her army to get ready for war on North Empire. Laksh was not beside her for past one year which made her arrogant again..!

North Empire’s king Chirag asking Laksh for help. Laksh denies at first… but, he has given his word to Chirag that he will help him. He was bond to his swear.

Fb over…

Ragini and Laksh’s fighting starts again. While fighting, Laksh gets a small scratch on his shoulder. Ragini remembers how she rested her head on his shoulder.

Laksh raises his sword on her and she keeps as defense they have eye lock…laksh is pushing her back..and she is balancing. While pushing so, Laksh reminds, how he held her by waist when she is about to fall.

Ragini gets all her strength and pushes him back… now, Laksh starts attacking her, she keeps shield as defense. She suddenly holds Laksh’s hand which has sword. they both gets struck.

Because..she has touched him after one year..! he came too close to her after one year. A thunder strikes again which brings them to war. Laksh beats her hand. Her hand falls back… his heart pinches… he knows only to kiss her hand.. but he beat it today.

They both are moving around looking at each other holding their sword and shield strongly. They both run at each other shouting. They kept shields on each other shield as pushing. And their swords are also pushing. Both are glaring at EO.

They are now too close… her breath is touching him and his breath is touching her. in between their lips only their swords are present.

With her breath..Laksh unknowingly looks at her lips…she observes it and closes her eyes unknowingly. A thunder strikes. Ragini pushes him back…and she too falls back. Both are on ground. They both remembers how they had their first kiss..

They both stand again. Their dresses caught with wet mud. But, it was cleaning away by rain simultaneously.

Then Ragini observes a dagger is shooting towards Laksh from somewhere.

“Laksh..!!” Ragini shouts and runs to him.

Laksh quiet amazes as he heard call from her mouth after many days.

Ragini runs to Laksh and that dagger stabs in her shoulder back. As soon as it stabs, she faints…

“Ragini..!” shouts Laksh and holds her.

‘Laksh…’ Ragini murmurs and closes her eyes. Laksh shocks a thunder strikes.

Precap: so, what was reason for their turning of new enemies..??

/* hai friends… I know I’m too late… but, I was grinding my mind how to present this shock..! it is short I know, but next one will be loooonggggggggg…..*/

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