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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in. Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7 January 2017 Written Episode Update.

Chanda asks Vidya to give her mobile as her phone battery has drained. Gaura sees Chanda’s phone on and thinks why she is lying. Vidya says she does not know where she kept her phone and starts searching. Gaura asks Vidya to get medicine from her room and before that take children to home temple for god’s blessings. Vidya leaves.


Doctor tells Gopi that it is risky to get pregnant at this age, so she should terminate her pregnancy. Gopi sheds tears. Doc reminisces informing Gaura that she made Gopi believe that she is pregnant. Gaura asks her to suggest to abort and laughs that she enjoys troubling Gopi without sending her to mental assylum.

Gaura goes to Vidya’s room and searches mobile. She finds it on table and picks it. She sees lock and thinks how to open it. Vidya returns. Gaura keeps phone back and throws her phone in water tub and tells Vidya that she came here to get something via Shravan, her wheelchair stuck to door and phone fell into water tub. Chanda realizes Gaura is up to something. Gaura asks Vidya’s phone. Vidya gives it. Chanda says she will get children’s clothes and goes out. She picks Priyal’s toy bow and arrow and shoots arrow on Gaura. Phone falls down and breaks. Gaura shouts who is it. Chanda runs and drags Priyal in and says she did it. Priyal asks what did she do. Chanda yells on Priyal. Vidya warns her to behave with Priyal. Chanda walks away and relaxes that Gaura did not see her recording, else she would have killed her.

Pari’s friend sees Gopi in doc’s room and informs her over phone and jokes that Gopi will make her aunt soon. Pari informs Mona that she will go to hospital lying as going for shopping. Jaggi sees them and thinks they are up to something. She reaches hospital and meets her friend. Jaggi follows her and thinks definitely something is wrong. Pari clashes with peon and watches Jaggi’s image in water (10-15 feet apart). She turns and Jaggi hides behind peon. Pari escapes. Jaggi thinks he wil catch her soon. He hears doc speaking over phone to Gaura that their plan has failed as Gopi does not want to abort her pregnancy. Gaura says they have to drag the drama for long and laughs that Gopi is mamta is murat. Doc turns and gets tensed seeing Jaggi. Jaggi asks her to tell who is behind all this drama, else he will expose her in front of whole hospital staff. She agrees and tells him something.

Pari rushes home and tells Mona that she had been to hospital as Gopi had gone there, where are everyone. Mona says they are all in Kokila’s room. Gopi returns holding file and keeps it in her cupboard. Pari tells Mona that they have to steal file and find out if Gopi is pregnant or not. Gopi goes to washroom. Pari steals file and while walking out Mona drops vase. Gopi comes out and shouts what is she doing here and why is she holding her personal file. Pari should she will tell her truth to everyone and walks to living room. Gopi shouts to return her file. Whole family gathers. Kokila and Urvashi ask what is happening. Pari asks Gopi to tell what has happened to her. Kokila asks Gopi if she is fine. Pari says Gopi is fine and if she hears about her news, even she will be happy. Kokila asks to be specific. Pari shows report and says Gopi is pregnant. Gopi shouts Paridhi…..

Precap: Urmila tells family that Gopi is not pregnant and asks flower vendor who ordered bouquet. He says Pari. Kokila tries to slap Pari. Vendor points at Urvsahi and says she is Pari. Jaggi brings doc and asks who told her to lie. She points at Kokila.

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