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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi slips and Jaggi tries to hold her. They both fall on ground. Jaggi stares at Gopi an a romantic music plays in the background. He thanks Gopi. She asks what. Jaggi says nothing and get up. Tolu comes with gift and ays let us go son, else Meera will not spare them. Jaggi goes to Urmila’s room and asks her to hurry up. While closing cupboard door, Urmila’s hair get caught in. She shouts in pain. Jaggi tries to open door and says it is not opening. Gopi, Tolu, Sona, Jai and Veeru also gather. Jai and Veeru there is only one solution if door is jammed. Urmila asks to tell soon, it is very painful. They ask to cut hair. Jaggi does. Urmila cries. Gopi asks eveyone to go out and with Sona does Urmila’s hair renovation. urmila comes out


with dyed and well braided hair. She then goes to Pari and Mona’s room and hear Pari discussing how she will create drama at Meera’s house. She pulls Pari’s hair and warns dare not to play her dirty tricks.

Gaura goes to kitchen while Vidya and Meera are busy preparing food for Chanda and asks them to prepare salad and other items while she prepares rotis. She writes a note and stuffs in roti. She then asks Vidya and Meera to add sleeping pill in Chanda’s butter milk. Meera hesitates. Gaura asks Meera to remember that Chanda snatched her husband and babies. Meera mixes pills. Gaura then takes food with Meera and Vidya and pampers Chanda to eat it. Chanda thinks what she is up to now and warns Meera to not touch babies. Gaura signals her to check chit and leaves.

Modi family enters Dhaam’s house. Meera throws flowers on them and greets them. Gopi pampers babies. Gaura come and in a filmy style tells Kokila, her friend, she is so happy seeing her, let us go in and perform naming ceremony. Everyone sit around panditji. Gaura thinks let them celebrate, soon they will see black night. By now, Chanda must have read her message stuffed in roti. Chanda tears roti and finds a chit. Panditji starts ceremony. Gaura thinks why did not Chanda comes down yet, if she ate chit with roti. Kokila asks if she told anything. Gaura says she is praying god.

Chadna thinks Meera and Vidya are so careless and left paper in roti. She throws chit and is about to drink butter milk when she sees scribbling on chit and reads it that butter milk has sleeping pill stop her from coming down and spoil ceremony.

Panditji calls bua/brother’s sister to come in front for ritual. Gaura says there is no bua, but mother-like maasi is present and asks Vidya too come in front. Vidya does ritual and murmurs names in babies’ ears. Urmila asks what did she name babies. Vidya says girl’s name is Medha. Sona says means Meera and Dharam’s name condition, she chose a good name. Kokila prays Medha should become intelligent and talented. Urmila asks what is boy’s name. Vidya says says it is special to her and her family, Ahem.. Everyone get emotional hearing this.

Precap: Panditji asks babies’ mother to put them in swinger. Chanda comes and warns Meera to stop.

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