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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Gaura orders Chanda to go and snatch babies from Meer and show that she has married Dharam now. Chanda walks towards door and Gaura scolds to let her sit on wheelchair first. Chanda then walks out and snatches baby from Meera. Meera asks what is she doing. Chanda says from hereon only she will take care of babies and Meera cannot touch them. Dharam shouts how dare she is, who i she. Chanda says his wife and he has appllied sindhoor on her forehead. Vidya says she cannot do this. Chanda warns if Meera touches babies, she will not feed them. Meera pleads not to do this, she will not touch babies hereon. Chanda gies one baby to Dharam and asks to follow his pati dharm. Dharam asks ambe maa why she is examining him so much, his Meera is crying and he cannot wipe her tears.

He walks behind Chanda. Gaura starts her drama and shouts Chanda is so cruel, she snatched baby from her mother.

Vidya enters Chanda’s room angrily and confronts her how low she will stoop, Meera gave her so much and this is what she wants to go give in return. Chanda says she is forced to do all this and Gaura is forcing her. Vidya shouts what rubbish, howmuch lies she will telll. Chanda asks to trust her and says she even sent a recorded message on her mobile, reminds the incident where arrow hits mobile and it drops down, says she did it and not Priyal. Meera like usual Modi gene does not trust her and scolds her instead. Chanda gets afraid seeing Gaura coming. Vidya says Chanda is alleging her, she has stooped so low. Gaura says she heard everything and asks her to go and console Meera. Vidya leaves. Gaura closes door.

Vidya invites Modi family for Meera’s babies’ naming ceremony. They all say they will come. Sona asks to prepare ropes to tie Jai and Veeru as they are very mischievous now a days. Tolu says children’s uncles need special treatment. Vidya says sure.

Gaura drops hot oil on Chanda’s feet and Chanda writhes in pain. Gaura says she is doing all this for her and wants her to get this wealth. Once wealth is transferred into her name, they will divide it equally, then Chanda can settle in abroad with a foreigner. Chanda apologizes and pleads to give her one more chance. Chanda hugs her and thinks once wealth is transferred into her name, she will kick Chanda out. Chanda thinks once she gets wealth, she will break Gaura’s legs and make her beg on road.

Jaggi gets gifts for Meera’s babies and shows them to Gopi and says he did not have much money, so brought these, else he would have bought whole store. Gopi says intention is seen and not gift price.

Modi family enjoys tea in living room when Urvashi gets laddoos and congratulates Jaggi that RTO has returned his license and she has got him truck driver job in Sharma Transport company. Urmila says this is a breaking news. Urvashi serves laddoos to everyone except Kokila. Urmila takes 2 laddoos for herself and Kokila. Pari thinks of utilizing opportunity and signals Mona to execute their plan. Mona goes aside and calls Jaggi as calling from sharma transport company and asks him to come right now, else sharmaji will give his job to someone else. He says he will come right now. Urmila asks him to go soon then. Jaggi says maa has to feed curd to him Urvashi goes to kitchen to get curd. Pari gets curd and asks Koila to feed Jaggi Kokila says Urvashi has gone in to bring curd. Pari insists that even she is like Jaggi’s mother, she should feed him. Kokila feeds Jaggi. Urvashi comes and watches this and throws curd bowl down and then gives Kokila a tight slap. Gopi runs shouting maaji…Parag asks Urvashi what the hell is this. Urvashi says she just thought people their place and taught nobody can come between her and her son.

Precap: Urvashi says Kokila snatched all her rights. Kokila shouts if she had to, she would not have returned Parag, she instead hurt her self-respect and made a big mistake.

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