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Rumya Love Story


Part 3


Rudra went up to his room.
How dare she talk to me like that!! What do I care? Let her do whatever she wants.

Soumya was still with Rehaan outside the house.

Out of politeness Soumya offered Rehaan to come inside, wishing he would decline the offer, she was left disappointed when he hurriedly accepted.

She nodded with a fake smile and leaded him to her room.

Soumya – So… How was your trip?

Rehaan – It was amazing Rehaan said excitedly.

Soumya – Ohh said Soumya less excitedly.

Rehaan – Is everything okay? You seem very lost.

Soumya – No, nothing like that.

Rehaan – I want to ask you something?

Soumya – Yes?

Rehaan – Um.. Im really happy u accepted me back into your life as your friend, even after our horrible break up.

Soumya – Yeah, I think we should have always kept it a friendship and not turn it into a relationship. But whats done is done, no point talking about it now.

Rehaan – Yeah your right he said hesitantly.
Anyways I should get going. See you tom?

Soumya – Yeah okay.

They shared a quick hug.

(Rehaan left Soumyas room and was heading downstairs until he saw Rudras room open. He decided to go in.)

Rudra – Rehaan! Your here? Said Rudra shocked.

Rehaan – Sorry I thought I would pop in. What are you doing?

Rudra – Nothing, was just heading to go to the gym. Do you need anything?

Rehaan – Yes, advice.

Rudra – Advice? About what?

Rehaan – You know that me and Soumya were in a relationship before but after that horrible experience we decided we would remain friends.

Rudra – Yeah I know this..

Rehaan – Well, I cant stay friends with her!

Rudra – What? Why?
(Rudra was smiling inwards but couldn’t understand why he was happy hearing this)

Rehaan – Because…I..I love her! And want her and me to start a fresh relationship.

Rudra – Rudra stood in silence his happiness instantly turned the opposite direction.
But she doesn’t like you!! He said angrily.

Rehaan frowned at Rudra…

Realising what he just said quickly changed to say, I mean she said she wants to be good friends with you since the day I patched you both up.

Rehaan – I know! But I know she likes me, shes just too scared so shes denying her love for me.

(Rudra couldnt help but roll his eyes. ‘Love for you’!! He thought.
As if she would fall in love with you he said to himself.)

Rehaan – Please help me!! Rehaan said, shaking Rudra

Rudra- What can I do??? Rudra said confused.

Rehaan – Help her realise her love.
Pleasee he pleaded.

Rudra – Fine, I’ll try to talk to her.

Rehaan – Thank you so much
Rudra!! I should get going now.
See you.

Rudra nodded in response.

Rudra threw his gym kit on the floor and sat on the bed.
What should I say to her he thought.
Just then Rudra heard a knock on the door.

Rudra – Come in he yelled.

Sir, a letter for you said the worker.

Rudra – Thanks leave it on the table.

Rudra went back to his thinking.

Imagine he said loudly, imagine he whispered to himself this time, what if they both get married to each other, Rehaan weds Soumya. Urgh!! He quivered. No way!! She doesnt suit anyone but m…….No!! Why am I thinking about it again.

Rudra got up and said I need to talk to her.
As he passed his bed he saw the letter.

Rudra – Oh yh he said loudly
He opened the letter..

His eyes shone wide!!
It read:
This is to certify that Rudra Singh Oberoi and Soumya Tendulkar were united in marriage on this day…
Rudra stared at the certificate. He placed his hand over Soumyas name almost caressing it.

RUDRA and SOUMYA he whispered followed by a tiny smile. Why does our name together sound so well, like its meant to be…he thought to himself.
He quickly rubbed the small tear drop that was sitting on his cheek.
And went out of his room.

Soumya was working on the sofa, with papers scattered everywhere on the table.
When she suddenly heard a knock on her door.

She went up to open the door.

He was standing there, looking into her eyes.
Why does it feel like I was waiting to see his face again?! She thought, angry on herself.

Soumya – Why are you here? She said annoyed.

Rudra – Can I come in he said in a soft and quiet tone.

Soumya was taken back, she wasn’t expecting him to respond in this manner.
She opened the door wide and allowed him in.

Rudra – I need to talk to you.

Soumya – Why do you always want to talk to me when theres no one around? I know! She said why dont we go college and you can talk to me in front of everyone she said glaring at him.

Rudra realising what he did earlier really affected her, he felt bad.

Rudra – Im really sorry about earlier I dont know what haa……

Soumya stopped him from

Soumya – Just forget it she snapped
What do you want? She said rudely.

Rudra – How do you feel about Rehaan? He said quietly

Soumya – What!!??? With a confused expression.

Rudra – Do you like him, more than a friend? He said softly.

Soumya – Why are you asking me about Rehaan?

Rudra – Why? Don’t I have a right to ask you anything?

Soumya – No, you have no right to! She said with her eyes widening.

(Suddenly Rudras behaviour changed, from emotional to anger!)

Rudra – OH, Im sorry I shouldn’t interfere in your love life. Your right. He said angrily.

Soumya – Firstly, your asking ME a stupid question and now YOUR angry! Why???

Rudra – I said how do you feel about Rehaan? Completely ignoring her question.

Soumya – Whats wrong with you?? She said equally angry.

(Rudra held her by the shoulders.
They both felt something when their touch met. They had tingles in their body.)

Rudra – Just tell me how do you feel about him? Do you love him? Rudra said almost weeping.

Soumya was taken back.
She squinted her eyes..
Soumya – Why are you talking like this she said, confused!!

And realising their position yanked his hands away from her.

Soumya – And anyway whats it to you if I love him or not!

Rudra fumed in anger.

Rudra – Who said its getting to me?? I dont care what you do with your life.

Soumya blinked, trying her best to control her tears. Doesn’t he really care about me she wondered to herself.

Soumya – Then why are you here she said softly.

Rudra – Because your stupid Rehaan came to me to ask you! He snapped.

Soumya could still sense anger in Rudras voice.

Rudra – So tell me do you like him or not??? He said flaring his nose in anger and annoyed with how many times he had to repeat the same question!

Soumya looked into Rudras eyes, from left to right.
Rudra stared at her too.

He began to walk away.

Soumya – Yes I do like him she said quickly. So what are you gonna do Mr matchmaker she said feeling scared to see Rudras expression.

(Why did I just lie? I dont have any feelings for Rehaan? Why did I just do that?? Soumya thought, regretting what she just said.)

Rudra stood still.
He turned and stared at her so deeply.

(Shes lying.. I cant believe shes lying. But why? To see if it affects me??? Rudra thought.)

He nodded.

Rudra – Great.. He said Im sure he would be happy to know! Trying his best to hide the tears that were bursting to come out.

There was a moment of silence between them, the room felt so intense.

As Rudra was about to leave the paper fell from his hand. He quickly picked it up.

Rudra – Oh yeah he said looking at the paper.
He went towards Soumya again and gave her the paper.

Soumya – Marriage Certificate?! She read.

She let out a little gasp before consoling herself infront of Rudra.

Soumya – When did you get this? She asked trying to act as if it was nothing.

Rudra – Who cares he said while looking at her and while she was too interested in the white paper in front of her.

Rudra – Anyways give it to me, we dont need it.

Soumya – What! What are you gonna do with it?

Rudra – Rip it up and throw it away, what else? He said angrily.

Soumya – NO!? Soumya said practically yelling at him.

There hands touched while they were fighting for the certificate and instantly looked at each other.

The touch of each other felt so right. Like both their hands belonged to stay together, forever.

Soumya snatched it from him.

Soumya – No! She repeated I’ll keep it she said.

Rudra – Why do you want to keep it when your about to start a new relationship? He said whispering to her.

Soumya looked at him and realised the whole situation.

Soumya – I mean, we cant just throw it away.

Rudra – Why not? Its just a paper.

Soumya – Does this look like just a paper she snapped. Its a marriage certificate!! Of our wedding!!

She gasped realising what she said.

Soumya – Not that I care about the stupid wedding she said. Im just keeping it…because….because..well because I want to!

Rudra felt something…

(Rudra could never imagine ripping and throwing that certificate away, he was just testing her, to see how she felt about it.)

Rudra looked at her. He didnt know how he was feeling, a mixture of emotions were circling around him; sad, happy, confused or angry, he didn’t know which one but one thing is straight, he is not liking the feeling at all!!

Soumya – I need to study she said while going back to the sofa.

Rudra looked at her, walking away from him…

He couldn’t bear the distance…

Shes going away from me he whispered to himself.

He left quietly..

To be continued…

Rudra lies to Rehaan denying Soumya has any feelings for him.

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