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Rumya Love Story (Episode 5)


Episode 5


Rudra started the car…

They were on their way home but was stuck in terrible traffic.

Rudra – We have been waiting here for the past hour! He moaned.

Soumya – Yes, but it just feels so amazing, I love the rain, she said smiling at the window.

Rudra looked at her. He smiled.

Rudra – So?

Soumya – So, what?

Rudra – Are we going to discuss about the mistaken wedding? He said.

Soumya became shocked, she wasn’t expecting that topic to come around any time soon.

Soumya – Whats there to discuss? She said, questioning him.
Lets just pretend nothing like that happened.

Rudra – How can we? We are married for gods sake! We even have the certificate to prove it now!!! He said angrily!!

Soumya felt scared.

Soumya – Yes, but we were high! We didn’t know what we was doing. And why are you acting as if you want to accept this marriage. Marriage means nothing to you! You wont be able to live with just one lady in your life. She said angrily.

Rudra looked at her in disgust.

Rudra – What do you mean I wont be able to live with just one lady in my life? Actually, maybe your right, I wont be able to, answering his own question.
I would probably cheat everyday, right?? He said looking at her with tears on the verge of making their way out, but he held them in.

Soumya – Right!!! And lets not talk about this again, please? She said quietly.

Rudra – Fine, he said in the opposite tone of hers.

(What felt like a romantic ride home between a loving husband and wife, turned into a silent, sad journey between two unknown strangers)

Rudras family members were waiting for Rudra and Soumya.

Janvi – Finally you both are here! We were getting so worried she said.

Rudra – Yes, sorry there was loads of traffic on the way back.

Daadi – Both of you quickly get changed, otherwise you may fall ill, said daadi.

They both nodded and headed upstairs, side to side.

(They reached top of the stairs and parted ways. Distance was growing between them, as they walked on their own)

They both reached their door, and turned to see one another. Their rooms were opposite but felt so far away.

They both looked at each other, it seemed like their eyes were communicating with each other, but it was Soumya who broke the intensity between them, when she decided to go in the room, leaving Rudra alone.

Rudra took a deep breath and went into his room.

(Rudra sat on his bed while, Soumya quickly freshened up)

Rudra – Why doesn’t she express her thoughts, he said to himself. Her answers are always the same, he says, annoyingly.

Rudra – Why do I feel so confused? A part of my heart doesn’t want to accept this whole situation and is telling me to forget it. But… The other half is telling me to give in, its meant to be!?
I don’t believe in love he tells himself again. Shes right. Lets forget the whole thing…
He goes to freshen up.

Soumya sat on her bed, after freshening up.

The window was wide open and suddenly her papers fall down from the table. She goes to position them again. When she sees it… She holds the marriage certificate in her cold hands.

Soumya – Im trying so hard to forget all this! But nothing is working. Rudras not making it easy either. To top it up, this had to come now, looking at the certificate.
Why is he showing interest in me all of a sudden? He just thinks he has a right over me, just because of our stupid wedding.

She held on to the certificate, staring at, recalling their wedding, when it suddenly hit her…

Soumya – We are married! We are husband and wife she whispered to herself. Tears flew from her cheeks.

Soumya – Whats the point thinking about it, she sobbed continuously. He would never take this seriously. Everything is a joke for him. His acting like this now, because this marriage thing is still new, give him a few more days and he would do what he did before, ignore me and carry on with his life.
She could barely open her eyes properly, her vision was blurred with tears. Her nose went a subtle shade of pink. She wiped her tears and cleared up the mess.

She stood near the window, daydreaming.
Soumya – I wish mum was here she said, feeling sorry for herself.


Janvi knocked on Rudras door.

Janvi – Rudra, I got you soup, have it quickly before it gets cold.

Just then daadi called Janvi down.

Janvi – Your daadi is calling me, I think its important, I need to go.
But please do me a favour and give this bowl to Soumya. I made her a bowl too. You can both have it together in her room, said Janvi unaware of what situation they both are currently in.

Rudra nodded while Janvi left.

He took the tray and headed out.

Rudra – You parted ways and created a distance between us, while going to your room but Im mending it, by coming back to you! He thought, while walking close to her room.

He knocked, feeling nervous.

Rudra – Why am I feeling nervous, its my house!!! He thought.

She wasn’t responding.

Rudra – Is everything okay? He thought. Before entering in.

He saw her near the window, looking at the sky.

He couldn’t help but smile.
He kept the tray on the table and went towards her.
He put his hands on her shoulder and she felt his touch.

Suddenly everything felt fine for Soumya, like she was waiting for his touch to wake her up.

Rudra – Soumo, mum sent soup for you. He said softly.

Soumya looked at the tray then turned to Rudra.

Soumya – Thanks said Soumya quickly.

Rudra – Im gonna leave now, Rudra said, while secretly hoping Soumya would stop him.

Soumya was just about to stop him when her phone rang.

Soumya – Rehaan?! How was your appointment, said Soumya while having her back faced to Rudra.

Rudra stood still as soon as he heard the name Rehaan.

Rudra – I hope he doesn’t say anything, said Rudra feeling worried.

Rudra quickly left.

Soumya continued to speak to Rehaan.

Rehaan – Yeah it went good, I just called to say did you get home safely.

Soumya – Yes, thanks, she said quickly. Rehaan I’ll speak to you later while almost pressing the red button.

Rehaan – Okay see you tomorrow? Goodnight.

Soumya turned it off.

RUDRA, SOUMYA!!!!! Shouted Daadi from downstairs.

Daadi – Quick!!! Come down, theres a surprise.

Rudra and Soumya came out of their room at the same time.
Rudra smiled at her and waited for her near the stairs, so that they can go down together, Soumya finally smiled at his cute little gesture.

They both went down.

Daadi – Look whose here! She said excitedly.

Rudra and Soumya together yelled, KARAN!!!!

They both hugged him and in the process their hands crashed together behind Karans back. Quickly realising this, they broke the hug.

Soumya – Hows your new college Soumya asked, smiling so widely.

Karan – Its going really well.

Rudra – Im so happy for you Karan, Rudra said in happiness.

Karan – Actually I have news!

Rudra and Soumya looked

Rudra – What kind of news? Rudra questioned. Your not pregnant are you??? He almost fell, laughing at his own joke.

Soumya rolled her eyes but couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.

Karan – Rudra, you will never change, said Karan while laughing.

Karan – Actually…..
Im getting married!!!! He said in utter excitement!

Rudra and Soumya froze. Without thinking, they both looked at each other! Everytime they hear the word marriage, everything suddenly stops.
Little did anyone know how affected they get when they hear it.

Karan – Come on guys! Show some excitement, your friend is getting married here???!

Rudra and Soumya both let out a small breath and congratulated him.

Soumya – When? Soumya said quietly.

Karan – Next week, but I’m keeping a get together at my house tomorrow and you both have to come!!! He said, demanding them.

Rudra – Of course, we wouldn’t miss it for anything. Rudra said smiling.

Soumya nodded happily.

Karan – Come on!!! Group hug he yelled!!

The three of them merged into one, once again Rudra and Soumyas hand touching one another, for some reason they both didn’t try to move away and allowed their hands to rest on each other, without looking at each other.

(Sometimes what we plan to happen never really existed in the first place, rather the opposite replaces it)

To be continued…

Soumya starts to feel jealous!

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