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Rumya Love Story (Episode 4)

Episode 4

Next Morning:


Soumya was downstairs at the table eating her breakfast.

Rudra grabbed his things and headed downstairs for breakfast too.

Soumya was just about to take her first bite when Rudras mum called out, Rudra! Come quick and have breakfast signing him with her hand.

Suddenly Soumyas appetite disappeared and looked up at Rudra who was staring at her too.

She just continued to stare at him.

Soumya – Why do I get lost when I look at him she thought.

Rudra sat opposite her.

Rudra – Thanks he says to his mum who handed him his plate.

As he places his spoon near his mouth, his eyes met hers again. She hadn’t moved a single bit, from the time he came down.

Rudra realised this.

He frowned at her and signed ‘whats up’ with his eyebrows.

She suddenly realised and shook her head.

Soumya – Whats wrong with me? she said to herself.

Soumyas phone started ringing, she quickly checked to see who it was, and put it on silent.

Rudra looked at her.

Her phone rang again..

Soumya – Janvi aunty Im gonna leave now. Soumya said hurriedly.

Janvi – Sure Soumya but wait for Rudra, he will take you.

Soumya – No its okay my friend is waiting outside.

Janvi nodded.

Rudra – Which friend he thought and looked at her leaving.

Im going too, he said quickly to his mum.

At least finish! Yelled Rudras mum but he left before he heard her.

Rudra looked left and right to spot Soumya.

Then he sees her giggling with Rehaan.

Rudra – Oh, so that was your friend you was dying to see he said to himself.

Rudra passed them to get to his car.

Rehaan – Rudra! Why dont you come with us today yelled Rehaan.

Rudra – No its okay, you two should spend time together, you haven’t seen each other for long he said looking at Rehaan.

Rehaan – We should go Soumya.

They all got in their cars.

Rehaan turned the engine on but it wasnt turning on.

Soumya – What happened Rehaan.

Rehaan – I don’t know! It doesn’t seem to turn on said Rehaan while still trying his best for it start.

Rudra looked to the side to allow Rehaan to go before him.

But he wasn’t moving.
Rudra got out of the car.

Rudra – Rehaan what happened he said, tapping on his window.

Rehaan opened his car door.

Rehaan – I dont know.

Rudra – I know, why dont you leave your car here and get it fixed after college.

Rehaan – But how would we get to college.

Rudra – Come in my car he said.

Rehaan – Okay, thanks Rudra.

Rehaan – Come Soumya he said.

Soumya got out of the car and went towards Rudras car.

Rehaan – Soumya sit at the front he said smiling.

Soumya – Why Rehaan, she said.

Rehaan – I know you love sitting at the front in car journeys.

Rudra looked on annoyed.

They were on their way to college.

Rehaan – Rudra put some music on he yelled from the back.

Both Rudra and Soumya reached their hands out. Rudras hand was on top of Soumyas, both trying to turn the radio on.

They looked at each other.

Soumya was about to move her hand when Rudra pushed it back against his. She looked at him. He smiled at her.

She pushed his hand away facing the window.

Rehaan – Thanks Rudra for the lift said Rehaan while getting out of the car.

Rudra – No problem.

Soumya – Im getting late, see you both later and turned to leave.

Rudra was just about to go in too when Rehaan pulled him back.

Rehaan – Well???

Rudra – Well what?? He said confused.

Rehaan – Did you talk to her about yesterday?

Rudra suddenly remembered everything that happened yesterday.

Rudra – Oh yeah, I spoke to her.

Rehaan – Well, what did she say
then??? Said Rehaan eagerly.

Rudra – Urmm..

Rehaan – ???

(She doesn’t love him, why is she lying?? He thought again. Should I say to Rehaan that she said she likes him…NO! I cant! Because she doesn’t. She was saying all that just to bother me)

Rehaan – Come on Rudra tell me said Rehaan with excitment.

Rudra – Sorry Rehaan but she doesn’t feel for you in that way.

Rehaan looked down.

Rehaan – So she really is over me. He said sadly.

Rudra – Sorry!

Rehaan – Its okay, forget it.

Rudra – Yeah! And don’t mention this to her, she might go off at you. Just end this chapter here. He said reassuring Rehaan.

Rehaan – Yeah your right. Thanks for trying. Anyway Im gonna go now he said.

Rudra – See you.

Did I do something bad? He thought. She doesn’t love him though!!! He yelled inwards.

College was over:

Soumya and Rudra got out the same time.

Rudra went up to Soumya.

Rudra – Soumya he called.

Soumya – She looked at him.
Are you sure you want to speak to me?

Rudra looked confused.

Rudra – What do you mean? I called your name didn’t I?

Soumya – I think your forgetting we are at college not home. Your reputation is at stake she says sarcastically!

Rudra – Oh come on! I said sorry to you already. What else do you want me to do?

Soumya – Nothing she said sternly.

Rudra – Then please stop taunting me!

Soumya – Anyways why did you call me?

Rudra – Oh yes, to say my car is parked on the right.

Soumya gave him a confused look.

Soumya – So what should I do? Go and bring it for you, king Rudra she said, again sarcastically.

Rudra – Shut up Soumo!

Soumya rolled her eyes..

Rudra – Come lets go home.

Soumya – Im not going with you she said.

Rudra – Why?
Rehaan left early today. He said he got a appointment. So just come with me?

Soumya – It doesn’t matter weather Rehaan is here or not! I don’t want to go with you!

Rudra – Why???

Soumya – Because I don’t want to! She said stubbornly.

Suddenly the crowd got louder than usual.

Its RAINING the students yelled!!
Everyone ran inside. There was no one to be seen outside, it was the first time it looked so empty.
Only them two, they were so slow, not just about getting away from the rain but also realising and accepting feelings..!

Rudra – Quick Soumo, he held her hand.

She barged it away.

Soumya – I can still manage on my own, its only rain. She shouted.

As she began to walk away from him, he pulled her back aggressively.

(Why do you always want to get away from me, create distance between us, Rudra thought while staring at her eyes)

Rudra – Stop being so stubborn he whispered to her. And for once, just once listen to me!

Soumya stared at him.
Her breathing changed rapidly.

His arms around her waist and her hands on his chest.

He took his jacket off and he gently placed it on top of her shoulders.
He pulled her closer.

Rudra – Keep it on…You might get the cold. He said as softly as he can.

He placed his hands gently into hers and pulled her behind him, both walking towards his car.

He opened the door and seated her inside.

He shut his door.

He looked at her and she responded by looking straight back at him.

He started coming closer towards her.

Soumya felt trapped.

What is he doing? Soumya thought!!

His face was a few seconds away from hers.

Both lost into each others eyes.

He placed his hands around her waist. She looked where his hands went.

She suddenly heard a vibrating sound. She looked to see him taking his phone out of his jacket pocket, the same jacket which was keeping her warm.

Soumya – Was your phone ringing all this time she said unaware.

Rudra smirked.

Rudra – He nodded. Didn’t you realise? What was you so lost in, he said slyly smiling at her.

Soumya lowered her gaze and looked through the window.

To be continued…

Rudra and Soumyas friend, Karan is getting married!

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