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Rumya Love Story (Episode 2)

Finally what seemed like hours they reached college.

Soumya – Thanks.
Rudra – No problem.

As both got out of the car, all eyes were on them. Rudras friend patted him on the back.

Friend – Rudra, your here!! With Soumya?? He gave a confused look.
Rudra – What!? NO!!? he said loud enough for everyone to hear.
She needed a lift and insisted I drop her.
Soumyas mouth fell. Did he forget he practically pulled me in the car. Her eyes slowly watering.

Rudra looked at Soumya and could see how hurt she was.

His never gonna change, he did this before and will continue to do this, why do I even think of him differently when his always gonna remain shallow she thought to herself.

Soumya – Actually your friend insisted he should drop me she said fiercely to Rudras friend.

Leaving Rudra shocked she headed inside completely ignoring him.
Rudra felt embarrassed and eyed her going inside.

College was over..
Soumya came out while Rudra was already out with his group of friends.
Soumya quickly gave him a glance before walking fast, trying her best not to get caught by him.

Suddenly a car stopped beside while horning as loud as it could get, Rudra instantly looked up to see Soumya standing near the parked car.
A bearded boy came out of the car rushing to Soumya giving her a huge hug. Soumya was taken back.
Soumya – Rehaan!!?
Rehaan – Soumya! I cant believe its been 1 week I havent seen you, it feels like 1 year he shouted. I missed you so much!!! He said while still hugging her.

Rudra who was witnessing all this couldnt take his eye off the scene.
Rudra – And the loser is back he said to himself.
Rudra – BABE!!!?? he shouted loud enough for the whole city to hear him.
Soumya looked at him.
Rudra – I havent seen you for so long, practically shouting at the random girl he called at. He wrapped his arms around her, eyeing Soumya hoping shes watching him.
Soumya looked on, ignoring him like she saw nothing. She continued speaking to Rehaan.

This angered Rudra, why wasnt she giving me attention? he thought.
Isnt she affected by me touching someone else!? Like im being right now!!
Rehaan opened the passenger door for Soumya as she slid in quickly.
Rudra looked on fuming in jealousy and decided to go home too.
They both reached home in separate cars.

As Soumya got out of the car, Rudra also got out of his car and their eyes met.
Rehaan suddenly noticing this called out, Rudra!!

Rudras eyes turned to Rehaan.

Rehaan – How are you???
Rudra – I been good how are you? he said showing no interest whatsoever.
Rehaan – Good thanks I just came to drop Soumya.
So what have you guys been up to while I was gone.
Rudra and Soumya looked at each other.
Rudra – A lot happened, lets just say I have more rights over Soumya than you do now, he said with a witty voice.
Rehaan – What does that mean.
Rudra – ‘laughs’ I mean we spent a lot of time together.
Rehaan – Oooh well now that Im here, you dont have to worry anymore.
Rudra looked at Soumya with painful eyes and Soumya came around next to Rehaan.
Soumya – Yeah! she said linking her arms with Rehaan.
This stung Rudra, his eyes were glued to their linking arms.

Rudra left without saying anything and Soumya looked back at him, she was hurt for hurting him.
But why should I feel bad she thought, he always puts me down, why isnt it okay if someone does it to him??

P.S – I just quickly want to say thank you to everyone who commented and enjoyed the story, it really means a lot! ☺️
I was very skeptical about making this whole story, so hope you all enjoy it..

To be continued…

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