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Rumya Love Story (Episode 1)

This is a love story based on Rudra and Soumya from ishqbaaz. I dont know why but they were the first couple to grab my attention.
So here it goes, hope you all enjoy and please do let me know how it was!

(Rudra and Soumya have just gotten married through their drunken state)


Next day:
It was the first time ever Rudra couldnt sleep, “why am I thinking about the marriage, when it was nothing, just a stupid mistake” he was annoyed with himself but couldnt help but think about it.

Unknowingly Soumya also hasnt slept yet but managed to force herself.

It was early in the morning when both the newly weds woke up sitting on their separate beds.
Rudra had enough and decided to freshen up, soumya also deciding the same they both showered and changed theor clothes. As Rudra stepped out of his room he walked towards the stairs as slowly as he could in order to avoid anyone at home. As he headed towards the stairs he was suddenly bashed into, startled, he looked to see her beautiful eyes staring back at him with fear, he clutched onto her waist to steady her. He was lost. Lost into her eyes. She couldnt help but admire his admiration. Both of them remained still for some time until Soumya finally spoke. “Sorry I wasnt expecting anyone to be a awake this early”

“Why” he responded while unclutching his fingers from her waist. Its my house, I can wake up whenever I want to, whats it to you?
She was suprising with his answer and could sense anger.
“What happened”? Why are you talking to me like that?
Rudra himself was confused, he didnt know why he was angry with her.
“Nothing” he said
Are you going college? She said avoiding any akwardness.
Yes he said
So early she said with a frown expression followed by a smirk.
“Actually I couldnt sleep last night so since Im awake I thought I might as well go in today”
Thats good to hear soumya said

“Come lets go” said Rudra
“Where” said Soumya
College, where else? Rudra said with a frown.
I can go on my own, thanks said as she started going down the stairs Rudra pulled her back up.
Why would you go on your own when im here said a caring Rudra
Soumya looked at Rudra and without saying anything returned her hand and walked down the stairs.
Leaving Rudra shocked, he too quietly followed her down.
He held her hand gentley before she stepped out of the house and without uttering a word leaded her towards his car. He opened the passengers seat as she looked at him with love. As soon as they both were seated in the car there was a moment of silence.
Soumya – thanks
Rudra nodded in response.

Rudra put the radio on to ease the akwardness and as always a slow love song plays making them feel like they want to be swallowed up.
Rudra – Why is there traffic early in the morning he moaned
Soumya – its a few more minutes she said smirking at him.
Suddenly a little boy was banging on Rudras door he quickly opened the window and smiled at the little boy.
Boy – flowers?
Rudra – no thank you

As the boy was about to speak a lady came behind him.
Lady – please accept it, look your wife would love it! The lady said pointing at Soumya who suddenly froze listening to the word wife.
Rudra looked at Soumya and she met his eyes, both lost into each others eyes and recall their marriage.
Please please im begging you the lady pleaded.
Rudra – yes of course he said confused as to what just happened.
He gave the money and in return took the flower.

He eyed the flower then looked at Soumya lovingly.
Rudra – here he said giving her the flower
Soumya feeling shy quickly took the flower.
Both unaware the lady was observing them still said “you both look very good together” “I hope you have a bless marriage” she said thanking them before leaving.
They both looked into each others eyes with passion.
The ride to college was silent after this…

To be continued…

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