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ROAR of an Wounded Tiger (Sukor OS, UDAAN)

Greetings my fellow Sukorians,

I have another Sukor OS for you… I have to admit, even though I promised to write a happier OS, I failed to do so after hearing the Suraj’s scream last night… I am still being haunted by it today.


Please don’t be annoyed at my attempt to transfer his pain into the words…

With love Aqua.

The monster in the name of a father, took out the stamp from the Chest trunk and raised to the air,“You won’t become my slave simply by signing the contract papers…no no no… you will get the proper inauguration, you know… You will get the honorable seal of my ownership branded on your body!”Kamal Narayan said with a grin.

Suraj, mentally and physically exhausted from the near-death experience of his mother by ring of fire, with eyes-wide open, lips parted, and beads of sweat over his forehead; stared in total disbelief to what the nefarious tyrant have just spoken. He thought perhaps death was much better than this…

Chakor in absolute despair. Her mind had given up. She realized nothing could be done to save her Suraj from becoming a slave now. She sobbed. She felt alone in her battle as she stood hopelessly among the crowd of spineless, faceless bodies without dignity, watching as if a theatrical performance was taking place…a tragic drama—-what a shame in the name of humanity!

Ragini, the psychotic witch spitefully asked her father with a regressed childlike manner, “Papa please let me do the honor of branding bhaia. After all a sister should tie the rakhi, a permanent rakhi that is!”she burst into a devilish laugh. She forcefully held his wrist while the disgusting slime, Kamal Naryan placed the stamp over suraj’s wrist.

Suraj’s felt his dignity,began to slip away as if one was trying to hold on to water in his or her palms.

When he thought the humiliation of being robbed off one’s self worth, would stop at the stamping; Suraj reminded himself that his so called the sperm donor, dad can get even lower than this.

KN’s evilness has reached the heights that is out of the comprehension of a normal individual’s weirdest dreams…for he is a self-absorbed, psychopath, with venomous black heart.

KN with a hellish grin over his hideous face, brought forth the tattooing needles.

Suraj roared like a wounded tiger, with every piercing of the needle to his skin. He was writhing with pain: both emotional and physical. He screamed and screamed. He kicked out his legs and arched his spine… he could not see clearly…. he felt so very alone…it was agonizing…it was strangling him… it felt like magnified, electrifying burn spreading through each and every nerves in his body, all at simultaneously–the pain was unbearable. He screamed until his vocal cords could not produce more of its harrowing shrieking cry.

Horrified and powerless Chakor gasped for air, she glued shut her eyes, her hands over her ears so she would not be able to see or hear the man she called, her husband in that absolute terrifying state that no human being deserve to be in.

Like Suraj, she too felt pain. Each needle piercing Surja’s skin, pierced through Chakor’s heart—for they are one soul, two bodies.

When the ordeal of tattooing was done, Suraj felt naked! As if he have been rapped and skinned alive of his God given honor and dignity which is the birth right of every man upon coming into this world.

He laid on the ground crippled. He felt numb as he stared at his own wrist hopelessly; he let out a agonizingly, loud, high decibel, heart-wrenching, glass-shattering, ROAR… its sound waves echoed into the ears of the spineless spectator piercing through their sand-glassed hearts.

Suraj was pulled up by the goons after KN finished his senseless speech about Suraj becoming his slave is a punishment of his disloyalty…

Before Suraj was dragged away from the sight of the villagers, he declared fiercely holding on to the last atom of his dignity, “You maybe be the owner of my body by tattooing my wrist, but you will not be the owner of my free soul! NEVER!”

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