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Rhythm of Life – Tune 26 (RagSan)

Thank you soooooo much for ur cmnts frnds….. sorry for the delay. I think many of you didnt read the previous chappy,
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Tune 25

A group voice: whats going here?
All turned towards the door and found group of girls
Priya: hey Jazzy, Halima, Ruchika, Kiara, Rumana, ashnoor…..!!!!! you know how much I missed you all……
Diya: she is lying….. actually she forgot you all…… before your arrival she told that “now Dazzling Damsels are completed so now you can start whatever you want to do”
Jazzy, Halima, ruchika, kiara, ashnoor and rumana glared priya while she glared diya who is smiling at her
Diya pov: you called me cheater cock….. now face this all idiots


Jazzy: this is not fair priya….
Halima: how could you say like this?
Ruchika: don’t you consider us as……
Priya: enough….. diya are you happy now?
She gave eeeeee look
Kiara: can we know whats going here?

Just then rumana saw the book of Rhythm of Life…..
Rumana: wow…. This book cover is soooo beautiful
Fizo: not only book cover…..
Anjali: the whole story is
Sam: just amazing….. we just
Nidhi: loved it….
Ruchika: is it?
Kiara: what’s the story?

Fairy narrates the summary,

There was a beautiful and lovely pair named Ragini and sanskar…… they led a happy life with their daughter Diya and son Roshick, in their life a storm came in name of preethi, actually ragsan marriage is unfold story to sanskar’s family….. they fixed his alliance with preethi….. after knowing that sanky is married she was ready to marry him because she don’t want to spoil his dad’s wish who was much happy with this alliance…… later ragini and sanskar went to preethi’s hostel to talk her along with rag’s sister swara…. Then all came to ragsan’s home, then ragsan narrated their story which happened in past…..

In flashback ragsan starts their journey as fighter cocks but soon they became friends….. they enjoyed their college life with their friends Aryan, aradya, aham, raina, shivanya and rithick…… then Aryan & Aradya announced they are in love and soon gonna marry with parents blessings…… they gave party for that….in that party ragini’s jealous came out when sanky danced with another girl….. sanky started to realise his love but still not conformed with his feelings, then a new character entered in their life named Nikhil…… he was interested in ragini…. But he was unable to create big rift between ragsan as their bond is very strong….. later ragini too started feeling for sanky but kept inside to her as he is a tamilian and his family wont accept a marwadi girl as their daughter in law.

Then all friends came to know that rivanya is in love with each other but rithick’s family fixed his marriage with shesha, the daughter of business partner of rithick’s dad. Rivanya decided to elope.

But to avoid risk they planned to keep arayn at rithick’s place but he went to shivanya’s home to pick up so instead rithick and shesha, ragini and sanskar wore bride and groom attire…… rivanya tired their best to come to mandap before ragsan get marry but they was able to come after their marriage. ragsan got married….. RK brother of ragini opposed their marriage as sanky’s parents wont agree ragini as their bahu…… ragan decided to stay in rent house, sanky went to join in his job which he got in campus interview but except one company where now he works, all rejected him as Nikhil threatened them.

Then after a week ragsan went to their rent house with elders blessings, then they had a romantic dinner and consummated their life….. after one more week ragsan about to board the train to meet sanky’s family….. but they got a news that parameshwar, grand pa of sanky met with an accident, sanky only went to native as that was not correct situation to take ragini with him. Then both missed each other…. Ragini joined in same office of sanky as she getting bore in home…..

Then four months passed….. there was good news that ishani is 7 months pregnant and ragini is 4 months pregnant…… to take care of her sweet wife sanky came to Mumbai after braking all his ties with his family. Then after few weeks a shock came to their home in name of Adharsh, brother in law of sanky. He came to visit sanky as his maa, grand maa and aunty bothers about him. He came to know about sanky’s marriage life. But sanky convinced him….. adharsh said he will not tell this to home and blessed them and left from there.

Ragsan stopped narrating….Preeti said after so many struggles now you are unite….. its so sweet.

Fairy: This is what was in that book……

Jaazy, ruche, kia, ruma, hali & ash: mmmm good its interesting
Hali: but I don’t think its completed….
Ash: yup…. There is much to sought out
Ruchi: exactly
Kia: its diya’s parents ri8?
Sam: ya…..

Ruma: oye diya…. What happened then?
Jazzy: tell us balance story
Diya: voh…..
A voice: hi girls……
Diya: harsha uncle…… (the voice is harsha’s)
Harsha: where is shravan and roshick?

Diya: both are in garden…..
Harsha: then why you all are here…. Go down and breath the chill breeze and call shravan up.
All nodded and went to garden…..
Few boys and girls around 17 age were talking……
Fizo: shravan…. uncle called you…. He nodded and went up….

Roshick: di…. This parcel for you….
One of the girl: roshick how sweet you are? You giving respect to your sis…..
Roshick laughed sarcastically and said: what? Respect…… di stands for half of diya not for elder sister
All laughed at diya. Diya closed her fist and scold him in mind while she faked her smile.

Then sam, jazzy, fizo, hali, ruma, ruch, kia, ash, fairy, nidz, anjali, diya, priya all formed group near swimming pool and opened the parcel…. As per their guess it was part 2 of rhythm of life. The book colour was not fair as first….. it was dark in colour….. it seemed like its indicating that the story will have bitter incidents more in this part. Comparing to previous it seemed like small/thin

They opened the book and started to read it,

You trio continue….. I’ll bring something to drink….. ragini said and left to kitchen…..
Preethi: you are really lucky to have her as your wife…. No… as your life….. she give up all the comforts for you…… she loves you to core….
San: absolutely ri8…… I don’t know in the world anyone can love this much?
Swa: yup…. I know a person….
Preesan gave questioned look….

Swa: its you jeeju….. you also loves my di to core….
Just then rag came with juice…… what you were talking?
Pree: nothing…… everything sought out…. Problems all fade….. adharsh anna also blessed you….
Rag: what did you said? Everything sought out? Said mockingly
Preethi: why what happened?
San: real story started after this only….


It was birth of 5th month….. ragsan is in hospital for regular check up….
Dr. is going through the reports…..
Dr. : mmmm report is good…… baby is healthy…. But mother should be more healthy….. you are somewhat weak Mrs. Ragini…. Nothing to worry….. just do follow my medicines….. eat fruits and healthy items…. Don’t stress yourself at any cost that’s not good for baby….. keep your heart lite….
Ragsan nodded and headed towards home…..

San: ragini where is file which I gave you yesterday?
Rag: I kept it on shelf only…. Let me check….
She is searching the file and found it just then a card fall on her foot…. She took the card…. San came and took file and asked what is this? Pointing that card
Rag: it’s a invitation card of Yuvi and Shesha…..
San: yup I forgot…. Its coming soon na…..

Rag: ya finally their life gonna settle….. just then they heard the knock of the door
San opened the door and surprised to see Aham and Raina…..
Rag: hey guys….. come in…. why are you standing there?
Raham came in sadness was clear in their face….
Ragsan asked what happened? Why are you seeming restless?
Raina: we decided to elope

What? A shocked ragsan asked
Aham: her dad decided to fix her marriage….. he wont accept me….. before his father do something we decided to elope.
Rag: but…
Raina: no ragini we decided….. its final…
San: but at least once try to talk to him…. If he accept then that’s good na…..

Raina: no he wont,
Aham: just see our status….. I’m not rich like her and caste also different
Rag: I can understand you but you have to know the consequences….. its not easy as you thinking….. its not cinema to lead a happy ideal life….. real life is totally different. I know what you are thinking…. You are thinking that “we helped them to get marry knowingly or unknowingly but they are refusing to help us” right?
Raham nods in yes

Rag: we are trying to help you that’s why I’m telling this…… without elders blessing leading life is…. Incomplete….. I’m going through it…. I’m experiencing it…. try to understand….
San stares at ragini and feels bad.
San: at least let us talk to raina’s father in behalf of you both….. we will compromise him…. I’ve faith. Rithick also told their parents wont agree but happened what? Just think….
Aham and raina stares each other and nods yes
Aham: if he didn’t agree

Raina: be positive…. Hope for the best…. Keep faith on ragsan.
Aham nods then all had lunch together and spend quality time

In evening ragsan went to raina’s home along with raham.
They all greeted raina’s father and mother (raina’s father & mother are shakshi’s in laws from Ek nayi pechhan or Pudhupudhu arthangal)
Raina’s father asked this all…….
Raina: my friends dad….
Father: ok carry on…. He was about to go but stopped by ragini

Rag: actually uncle…. We wanna talk to you
He nods ans sit and says have seat.
San: actually uncle raina is in love
Raina’s parents were shocked……
Rag: he is Aham Sharma…. The love interest of Raina

Raina’s father’s eyes turned red in anger yet he controlled and asked his whereabouts
Aham answered for his questions politely
Father: everything is good but think about the status? Where is he and where we are?

All looks on….

Raina: I’ll marry him and that’s final
San said with full confidence: see both loves each other…. They are major…. You cant stop or force them…. more over they are ready to elope…. So better think about future…. Which will be better…. Few talks about giving your hand to lower class than you or your daughter eloped with lower class boy? Decision is yours
Her dad looks on….
Her mother tells, please…… its her wish, her life….. boy seems to good as well his family also will be good…. Please don’t say no….
After lots of thinking he says ok and asks aham’s parents agreed to their marriage?

He nods yes but before her father could say anything he adds they don’t know that raina is rich….. they know raina’s character as they met few times I hope they will agree if I went before them with garlanded attire
Mother: don’t worry we will talk to them

Screen freezes with smiling face of everyone

To be continued………….

“Nothing is interest if you are not interested”

Howz the chappy? Hope you liked it…. my sisters did you liked this surprise…… its just a cameo role my sweeties….. ya you can think I gave build up about book 2, that will bring storm and thunder ya that will come… this chappy is my sisters entry na so I thought not to bring sad with them….. because my sisters are happy poles. Do vote and comments if you liked it. last but not least WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY PONGAL OR MAKAR SANKARANTHI….. keep smiling by yours loving Aastha

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