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RagLak – You Are The Music In Me (Episode 14)

Hey Guys, i’m really sorry, but this update is going to be shorter than the previous ones, i just couldn’t manage to write more, because of work and time constraint (Sorry about that). Also, next episode is going to be the final episode for this FF. I hope you guys enjoyed this FF. i will try to come up with a new one ASAP.
As a consolation, i will be updating the last episode tomorrow instead of Saturday ?

Link to the previous episode : Episode 13


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Me: I’m looking at your schedule for March. You’re free on the 18th.
Sanskar: Why do I feel like I’m about to be busy on the 18th?
Me: I’m planning a show, and I need your help. We’ll do it locally.
Sanskar: What kind of show? Full band?
Me: No, just you and me. Maybe Amit if he’ll sign for us.
Sanskar: Why do I feel like this has to do with Ragini?

Me: Why do I feel like I don’t care what you feel like?
Sanskar: The ball is in her court, Lakshya. You really should just leave things alone until she’s ready. I know how you feel about her, and I don’t want you to screw it up.
Me: March 18 is still three months away. If she hasn’t made up her mind by that date, then all I’m doing is giving her a little shove. And when did you start giving relationship advice? How long has it been since you were in one? Oh, wait. That would be never.

Sanskar: If I agree to help you, will you STFU? What do you need me to do?
Me: Just carve out some time for me between now and then to run through some new songs.
Sanskar: Is someone over his writer’s block?
Me: Yeah, well, someone once told me heartache is good for lyrical inspiration. Unfortunately, he was right.
Sanskar: Sounds like a smart guy.

I close out my texts to Sanskar and open one up to Amit.

Me: March 18. I need a local venue. A small one. Then I need you to get Ragini to go there with you that night.
Amit: Is she supposed to know you orchestrated this?
Me: No. Lie to her.
Amit: Not a problem. I’m good at lying.

I set my phone down, pick up my guitar, and walk out onto my balcony. It’s been almost a month since I last saw her. Neither of us has texted the other. I know Amit still keeps in contact with her, but he refuses to tell me anything, so I just stopped asking. As much as I miss her and as much as I want to beg her to just let this begin with us, I know time is better for both of us right now. There was still too much guilt rolled up in the thought of starting something too soon, despite how much we wanted to be together. Waiting until we’re both in a good place is definitely what needs to happen.

However, I feel as if I’m already there. Maybe it’s easier for me because I know where Ananya and I stand, and I know where my heart stands, but Ragini doesn’t have that reassurance. If time will give her that reassurance, then I’ll give her time. Just not too much. March 18 is only three months away. I hope to hell she’s ready by then, because I’m not sure I can keep myself away from her for longer than that.

I scoot my chair to the edge of the balcony and fold my arms over the railing, then look over at her old balcony. Every time I come out here and see her empty chair, it makes all of this so much harder. But I can’t seem to find anything inside my apartment that reminds me of her anymore. She left nothing when she moved, and she really never had anything while she was here. Being outside on this balcony is the closest I can come to feeling her since it seems we’re so far apart.

I lean back in my chair, pick up a pen, and begin writing the lyrics to another song, with nothing but her on my mind.

I pick up my guitar and work through the first few chords. I want these songs to be enough to convince her that we’re ready, so every single thing has to be perfect. I’m just nervous that I’m relying too much on Amit to help make it happen. I hope he’s more reliable in this situation with Ragini than he is with his rent cheques.

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