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Raglak TS VIVAH BANDHAN (Part-2)

Hai friends ….I’m so glad that you all liked the previous shot I thought if I get At least 10 comments it’s worth readable but when I saw 41 comments I can’t believed my eyes thank you all for your comments nd now I won’t delay more here is the next shot



Sanskar ( with grinning ) : kya baat hai saali ji you are looking pretty today
Ragini ( with smile ) : thank you jiju
Uttara ( to laksh ) : arey laksh bhai take tea na see ragini bhabhi is waiting

Laksh just gives uttara an shut up look nd sees ragini nd he freezes by seeing her she is wearing an pink coloured lehanga with golden border nd work nd the vallu of her dupatta is neatly placed on her head giving her an sanskari look ( you guys can imagine her in the first engagement of raglak in serial ) she is simply superb and laksh forgets to blink his eyes too nd with the giggles of uttara and his swara bhabhi he comes back to his senses nd becomes embarrassed for getting lost in her then he composes himself nd a big smile appears on his face and his family wonders themselves about the sudden change in laksh then laksh sees ragini hand which is forwarded to him to take the cup of tea her hand is shivering and she is not looking up at him nd her eyes are down so thinking it to her nervousness laksh takes the tea cup from her hands nd by looking around he smiles then swara takes ragini nd makes her sit on a chair which is infront of laksh nd he continuously gazes her nd it was observed by swara

Swara : maa….why not we send laado nd laksh to terrace even they both should talk with each other privately na????
Ap : haa..kyun nahi ??? You have any objection shomi ji???
Shomi : ji bilkul nahi shona,uttara you both take ragini nd laksh to terrace

To which swara nd uttara reluctantly agreed nd laksh gives her an gratitude look nd ragini gives her an murderous glare to which shomi gives smile nd uttara swara takes raglak to terrace nd leaves from there giggling laksh is trying to talk with her where as ragini is simply standing there thinking to how to escape then suddenly

Laksh : umm…hai … I’m laksh.. laksh maheshwari I hope you know about me

To which ragini just nodes her head like an obedient student nd laksh just sees her nd again starts to speak

Laksh : I’m an ACP I hope you know that too nd my job is so risky till now I haven’t think about myself nd I haven’t feared for anyone nd cared for anything too in department I’m famous for my encounters nd all calls me encounter specialist and I works for more as an undercover agent for serious operations nd till now my duty comes first to me more than family even I missed my Bhai’s marriage for my duty till now I had thought that I will not change but by seeing you here again I think I should change my thinking from now

By listening to the word again ragini sees him confused nd by seeing her confused expression laksh chuckles to himself nd it is the first time that ragini sees laksh’s face nd she just sees him

Laksh : aise kya dekh rahi ho???? It wasn’t first time that I saw you
Ragini : kya???
Laksh : haaa…when I was in undercover operation for information purpose I had went to an orphanage which is in Delhi
Ragini : I came to Delhi to support orphanages as I’m an NGO member
Laksh : yes I have seen you there nd for the first time I left the work for which I came and I just stood there and saw you forgetting my surroundings nd for the first in my life I heard alot from my seniors and I thought that I missed you but see our destiny you are here infront of me as my would be wife

By saying this he slightly blushes but by seeing ragini’s expression of nervousness he becomes serious nd asks

Laksh : ragini I’m ready to marry you but what is your decision???
Ragini : ji…my friends has told me that you are an strict police officer
Laksh : yes they are correct coming to my duty I always prefers to stay strict
Ragini : they also said that….that…
Laksh : it’s ok ragini say I won’t say anything if you aren’t comfortable with this relationship I will deny myself that I’m not interested in marriage
Ragini : nahi…hamare matlab …they said that strict officers often gets angry easily and they shows their frustration nd angry in their wives

By saying this she looks at laksh who is totally confused about what is she going to say by seeing his confused expression ragini again seats to speak

Ragini : aap..aap ko fighting aati haina ( you know fighting na )
Laksh : haa
Ragini ( with slightly trembling ) : if you get angry on me will ….will you beat me????

By listening to this laksh starts to laugh madly nd he wasn’t able to stop his laugh and by seeing this ragini gets more scared nd tries to go from there laksh sees this nd holds her wrist nd stops her

Laksh : ragini I can’t be angry with you in my dreams too how can u think that I will beat you I promise you that I will not raise my voice on you nd hand is far most end you are queen of my heart till I’m alive

Ragini gets tears in her eyes by listening to his pure words nd love for her nd she smiles looking at him

Laksh ( with smirking ) : so are you ready to be my wife???

Ragini gets shy nd by bending her head she nods bt seeing this laksh can’t control himself to hug her nd is about to hug her he hears fake cough sounds from his back he just turns back to see who is it nd there stands swara and uttara by seeing them ragini turns too crimson red nd laksh rubs his hand on back of his head as he is embarrassed swara nd uttara comes to them nd uttara holds ragini’s shoulders nd says

Uttara : chali yeh ragini bhabhi …all are waiting for you both nd you guys can talk later

By saying this she takes her down nd swara keeps his elbow on laksh’s should nd asks

Swara : kyun devar ji?? U want invitation to come down or what?? Come let’s go nd by the way you are forbidden to do romance with my sister till marriage but after marriage we won’t stop you

By saying this swara goes from there winking at him nd laksh stands there totally shocked soon he composes himself nd comes down nd all sits at their places

Dp : shomi ji are you ready for this alliance???
Shomi : ji we are ready
Sanskar : arey shomi maa ask ragini and laksh too as they are ready to get married to each other or not
Dp : haa shomi ji we should ask children too
Dp ( to laksh ) : beta are you ok with this alliance???
Laksh ( with small smile ) : ji papa
Dp ( to ragini ) : ragini beta are you ready to become bahu of our house

Ragini just bends her head nd nods smiling nd all becomes happy by seeing their acceptance nd decides to do their engagement there itself nd raglak exchanges their rings with each other swara brings sweets and distributes to all nd sanskar brings a sweet to laksh nd makes him eat half nd keeps the other half in ragini’s mouth nd by seeing this all laughs nd laksh family goes from there nd no one gives an chance to raglak to say proper bye to each other

So this is the next part how is it???is it boring ??? How do you all feel by reading this??? please do let me know what do you think about this one through your comments

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