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It was day lakshya waited for .ragini woke up and saw the house was fully decorated .She was unaware of the reason .She asked for the reason .Everyone told her lakshya wants to marry her again .Ragini was shocked to the core .She saw lakshya looking at her and smiling .Raglak engagement took place that day itself .Uttara was to HAPPY seeing her bestie getting the happiness which she deserves .Raglak marriage took place with all rituals .Raglak sugraat .Ragini was sitting in the bed .Lakshya came near her loner her veil and kisses her forehead .He made her stood up and he kneeled down .He told ragini I’m sorry for hurting you in the past .Ragini tried to stop him but he stoped her continue .He told that hear after he will give her a lot of happiness and they will very happy always .They again became one




Sorry guys the end is to bad because I got an accident so couldn’t give updates already it became to late so just ended but I promise you all I will give good updates in my ff which I will start within few days

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