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RagLak – Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 11)


RagLak – Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?
Segment 11


A/N: Thank you for your encouraging support previously! Well, you all wish to see Ragini torturing Lakshya the same way he did, but I guess you all are missing upon the fact that Ragini has always loved Lakshya unlike him. He married only to fulfill his revenge and now that he knows neither Sanskaar nor Ragini are at fault, he wants to do every possible thing to get Ragini back in his own life. Although Ragini’s acceptance won’t be that easy.

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The party was hosted in an open place. There was a bar set-up at one corner and the food arrangements were done in the other corner. The place was overcrowded and I found it next to impossible to find Ragini, bhai and di. “Lakshya”, called out someone. I turned around and shouted, “Aisha!” We hugged each other when I asked, “How come you’re here?” “I also don’t know”, she replied sarcastically. I rolled my eyes when she patted my shoulder and said, “I’m Kabir’s personal assistant.” “Oh.. Wait. Kabir Kapoor? Lucky girl”, I said. “Unluckiest man. He’s a disgusting person”, Aisha replied. “Why?”, I asked. “Hey Aisha”, someone said coming from behind. Aisha faked a smile and said, “Hello sir!” He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulling her closer said, “Kabir.” “Yeah Kabir”, replied Aisha jerking his hand and moving away. “And he is”, Kabir asked. “Lakshya Sarna”, I replied forwarding my hand. “I’m sorry. But, I couldn’t recognise you”, said Kabir. “Hey Kabir”, said bhai coming from behind. “Oh hi”, he replied. “He’s my sister’s husband”, said bhai. “Oh I see. Well, you all continue. I’ll be back soon”, said Kabir and walked away to the other guests. “Bhai, where were you? I was looking for all of you”, I said. “Arey. Even we were looking for you”, bhai said. “Whatever. Come let’s go. Oh wait. Aisha, this is”, I said but, Aisha interrupted saying, “Ragini’s brother. Nice to meet you.” She forwarded her hand while bhai shook her hand. “Okay, now come”, I said. We walked over to where di and Ragini were standing.

Ragini seemed to be least interested in the party and was looking here and there. She looked at me while looking here and there. I smiled at her while she made a disgusted face and looked away. “Aisha, this is di, my favourite and this is Ragini”, I said. Aisha smiled at them while I said, “We met after so many years right?” “Yes. After all you’re so busy”, she said. “Not at all. You only don’t have the time for me”, I said. I looked at Ragini from the corner of my eye who was looking at us with her widened eyes. “I mean for your friends”, I corrected myself and saw Ragini heaving a sigh of relief. I smiled. “Let’s rock the dance floor. We would request all the couples to come up on the dance floor”, the announcement said. “Swara, let’s go”, said bhai. I smiled as both of them walked over to the dance floor. “Aisha, shall we have a dance”, I said trying to make Ragini feel jealous. “I’m fine. You carry on with Ragini”, Aisha replied. “Arey come na. Anyways, Ragini isn’t interested in dancing”, I said pulling Aisha onto the dance floor. We both were dancing as I was observing Ragini. She looked angry and after sometime went to the bar. I wondered what she was going to do when I saw her drinking Coke. I was relieved.

I continued dancing with Aisha when a guy started misbehaving with Ragini. “Aisha, hold on. I’ll be back”, I said and ran towards the bar. I pushed the guy and shouted, “What were you doing?” “Sorry”, he said and went away. I turned around to face Ragini who was standing behind me. She held my collar and pulled me closer to herself. “Ragini!”, I exclaimed as she moved closer to me. “You won’t leave me now right?”, she said. “Ragini”, I said pushing her slightly. I turned to the bartender and asked, “What did you give her?” “Coke”, he replied. I held his collar and said, “Tell me what did you give her.” “Coke sir”, he replied. I was about to punch the bartender when I felt someone pulling my shirt lightly. I turned to look at the person and saw Ragini pulling my shirt. “What is it Ragini?”, I asked.

“I ordered Coke”, she said holding the glass in front of her face. I took the glass from her hand and smelt it. “Ragini”, I said and threw the glass. I looked at Ragini who stood there with a crying face. “Why did you throw it? It was tasty”, she said. “Ragini, you come with me”, I said holding her hand. “No, I want the drink”, said Ragini stamping her foot and throwing her hands in the air like a kid. “Ragini, please don’t behave like a child. Come with me”, I said pulling her. She jerked away my hand and said, “I want the drink.” I bent down and picked her up in my arms. “Ahh..ahhh.. Wh..What are you doing?”, she asked. I walked towards the empty side of the lawn. “I want that drink”, she repeated again and again.

I stood at an empty place and made her stand. She was about to go when I held her hand and said, “Ragini, stand here.” “No, I want that drink”, she replied trying to move away. I tightened my grip on her hand and said, “Ragini stand here and talk to me.” She walked towards me and holding my collars pulled me closer. “Ragini, what are you doing?”, I asked trying to move away. She sensually moved her finger on my face and then neck. “Ragini!”, I exclaimed trying to move her away. She said while playing with my buttons, “You won’t leave me right?” I smiled and said, “Never. Now, move Ragini. Let’s go back to the party.” “No. You won’t go there. You’ll again go to that girl then..what’s her name? Aa..a. what?”, she said. “Aisha”, I replied. “Ya whatever. You won’t go anywhere. Stay here”, she said wrapping her arms around my neck. I moved my hands to her waist and holding her tightly said, “Okay. I won’t go anywhere.” She smiled and kissed my cheek. I pointed towards my lips. She turned crimson as I moved closer to her. I was about to kiss her when she lost her balance and moved away. I removed my hands from her waist and later, hers from my neck. “Ragini, you wait here. I’ll get you some lime juice”, I said. “No, you won’t go anywhere”, she replied holding my hand. “I’ll come back in two minutes”, I said and ran away.

I came back after a minute or two and found the place completely empty. I searched everywhere but, couldn’t find her. “Ragini, Ragini”, I shouted but, didn’t get any response. I suddenly remembered Aisha’s words. “Kabir. I hope he didn’t do anything”, I said becoming tensed. I went back to the party and searched for her but, couldn’t find her. I called di and bhai aside and told them everything. “Lakshya, do something and find out Ragini”, said di. “Where di?”, I asked. “Lakshya, let’s check in the hotel first then we’ll do something else”, bhai said as we ran inside the hotel.

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A/N: Sorry for the late update. I was caught up with my school work unfortunately. The next update would probably be on Monday and if not, then surely on Tuesday. ☺

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