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Guys I’m akshaya here with my ff on raglak .I want all your support like you gave for the fs

It’s about a man who’s got anger in the tip of his nose and you guys very well know who he is…So his anger is a constant problem right from his college life to his professional life. A girl who had role in his life since college days and ended up as his wife (You too know who she’s). She’s the one who gets trapped between his anger and her love for him. So we’ll see if that girl will manage that guy? Come on…I mean, will Ragini be able to handle the hot, angry, steaming Lakshya maheshwari? Let’s see… Here’s the prologue…



WARNING: This story is on RagLak played by Tejaswi and Nemish and no other characters are other .Other characters will be there for a two or three updates .It only shows the relationship between raglak only them .


This is impossible, quiet impossible, thought poor Ragini as she tried to tame and angry Lakshya maheshwari. He’s shivering in anger now and she just don’t know how to deal with him. It’s 2 years since they’re dating with a five year age difference between them and this will be the two hundredth time he’s going mad on her. What to do? He got anger in tip of his nose as everyone says. He was always been the same and she doubt if she had actually fallen in love with the anger of this angry young man. Well, that discussions can wait because at present things are going so bad with Lakshya being more mad with every passing second. “Lakshya…” Ragini called slowly as she touched his shoulder and tried to calm him. “Don’t dare to touch me…” he spat at her. “Come on Lakshya…now don’t go mad over me? Why on earth do you do this?” asked Ragini sadly. “Ragini…you’re not speaking…Okay…and you don’t know what you did? Why on earth did you talk to that Sanskar? Don’t you know I DON’T LIKE him?” asked Lakshya. Ragink felt to hit her head on a stone. She kept her hand on her hip and looked at Lakshya. “So it’s for the little matter you threw my bag away, broke the cups at canteen and scolded me? You’re…” she was cut by his words. “Little thing? This is little thing for you? No…it’s not little thing…I don’t like you talking to that idiot Sanskar…whatever the matter is…You’re MINE..Heard…You’re only MINE…And I don’t like all these…” Now Ragink felt an urge to smile and cry at the same time. His concern and possessiveness was undoubtedly charming but his anger. That was something very difficult to deal with. He rose from the stone where he was sitting all the while to go. But she held his hand and stopped him. She quickly hugged him and Lakshya. “I’m sorry…Don’t be mad one..” Lakshya melted at her sincere words. He hugged her back tightly and said in her ears “Don’t make me angry…”

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