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The sunlight was doing a good job of piercing in to the eyes of the couple who were still asleep in each other’s arms. No, you couldn’t call it couple, because Lakshya was already awake, but was just lying near Ragini. He inhaled the fragrance emancipated from her and felt really blessed to have this girl in his life. She was really special for him. He knew, he had a monster sleeping inside him, a monster who popped out of him every now and then and made him lose his senses. He knew that was difficult to deal, this anger of his, even for him. But this girl, she always copes with every trait of his. If he gets romantic, she just let him pour his love on her, if he’s tensed she hugs him and gives him a support and most importantly, when he’s angry she keeps peace with him and let him cool. What better can a person expect in his life partner? Practically nothing. His Ragini …His Baccha …she was special. And the most beautiful one. He had seen many women in life, but this girl she was special. She was his best friend initially, and then became his love, then his wife and not very late she’d bear his love in her stomach and make him the luckiest man in the world. As Lakshya thought all this, he softly kissed Ragini on her forehead. Ragini felt a feathery soft kiss on her forehead and opened her eyes. And she met the most wonderful and lovable scene she could get ever in her life. Her life, her Lakshya lying beside her looking straight in to her eyes. She too looked in to his eyes. She don’t know what magic is in this man that she always gets lost on him. He was her breath. She couldn’t live without him. The thought of his absence in her life itself sounded horrible. She knew one thing, the day his breath stops would be her end too. This was his dialogue. Once she asked him “Lakshya…what will you do if I die and some other girl come to your life when you’re sitting depressed, just like devdas?” he instantly kept his fingers on her lips and said “Ragini…don’t tell that…no one can REPLACE you in my life…No one…Let she be the world’s most beautiful one, but my eyes won’t look her…Because, the day your breath stops, that moment itself I will also die…” How could she say something else to this man. As Ragini thought all these, Lakshya just flashed his fingers before her eyes. “Where are you lost Ragini…” he asked. “Nowhere Lakshya…I just got to tell you that I can’t live without you…I love you…” she said cuddling to his arms more. “Areyy…don’t you think that you’re acting a little bit emotional right in the morning? Well…leave these emotions and let’s do some romance…” he said hugging her tighter. That was when Ragini looked at herself. She was tucked in a blanket covering up to her chest line and he too was in the same plight. She looked t the floor and found their clothes lying all scattered there. She went red at this and he could easily sense her mind. “Ragini…romance…” he said. “Romance? What now? Leave me…I got to go…” she said almost rising from the bed and at the same instant falling back realizing her situation. Lakshya instantly went over Ragini and picked her clothes lying on the floor and threw it to a farther distance where she couldn’t get it. Now he withdrew himself from her and smiled. Ragini looked at Lakshya’s sudden movie and rolled her eyes. “Lakshya…my clothes…” she said. “Oh ho…You were going right…go take it…But I’m telling, it’s damn cold…So I’m not gonna give you any blanket or thing…” he said naughtily. “Lakshya…” she pleaded. “Ragini…” he too said in the same tone. “So what you want?” she asked him without a way. “You…” he said. She smiled unknowingly. She loves it when he craves for her. Why not, this Greek god is just hers. No one else have right on him. But as she thought all this he had already begun the work of romancing her again. She smiled and gave herself to him again. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Much later, Lakshya got dressed for office. Ragini helped him to wear his shirt. What to do, this big boy forgets to wear shirt when she’s around. “Ragini…” he called. “Hmmm…” she replied. “Are you not going to school?” he asked. “Areyy buddhu..it’s Sunday…” she replied smiling like the sound of bangles. “Oh…I forgot…” he said. “Why not? Going to office this Sunday too na?” she said pouting her lips. “I’m going because I got some emergency work…if not I would have not got up from bed now and remember… you too would have been in the bed…” he said. She looked away seeing his naughtiness. “But today…We’re going out evening…” he said. “Really…” she asked excited. “Hmmm…I’ll come soon and we’ll go out and enjoy…” he said. “I love you yaar…” she said hugging him. “I love you too na yaar…Now got to go…Bye…” he kissed her forehead and walked out of the room. She followed him till the door and then waving bye to him, went back to their room.

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