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Dedicated to TeMish who made this couple named RagLak a wonder…Love you Tejaswi and Nemish Taneja.



4 years later.

“Lakshya…just give sweets to that baby too…” said Ragini as she continued distributing sweets in the left row. Children were smiling at her, eating the sweets and some dropped them on floor. Then Ragini took a fresh sweet and fed them with her own hands. “Thank you miss…” they replied in squeaky voices and some replied through actions. Ragini smiled at them with extreme happiness and continued her work. Lakshya who was watching his wife working and helping her as and when was charmed by her. Lakshya Maheshwari, the No.1 businessman of India, had finally found some time to visit this special school run by his wife amongst his busy schedule. Yeah she runs a special school for socially background, physically challenged and disabled and autistic children. And truly she was doing such an awesome job. Now he really feels proud of her. He had asked her thousand times why she chose this job when she was educated enough to bag a job that would get her lakhs a month. Lakhs wasn’t the issue; actually he could make a whole building with currency notes. He was that rich. He had grown significantly in business field in these four years. But whenever he told this to her, she smiled and replied “Lakshya…the smiles of those children are thousand times worthier than a heavy salary…” And he agreed to it now. Ragini kissed a girl baby lovingly and Lakshya touched his cheeks. Ragini looked at him and asked “What” He now went near her and hissed in her ears “I wish I was that child…” Now Ragini gave him a look and he winked at her. She slightly hit him on his hands and said “You mischievous guy..” “Haan…I’m mischievous…but only with you sweetheart…” said him leaning to her. Ragini instantly pushed him back and said “Lakshya…Kids?” Ragini warned. “haan..We’ll have kids soon…You just cooperate…” Now Ragini was really going mad. “Buddhu..I’m not telling that…I’m telling that kids are watching us…” Lakshya looked around and found all eyes on them. “Uncle and aunty were playing…” excused Lakshya and the kids laughed aloud. Lakshya bit his and Ragini went away stepping on his feet in anger. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Everything was going fine until that phone call came. Lakshya’s phone rang and he attended it. Ragini looked up from the kids as she always knows such phone calls make him mad. “What? Why don’t you do that? How many times should I tell you stupid…Don’t say more…you don’t mess things up…I’m coming…” Lakshya shouted so loud that some kids became afraid and started crying. Now this made Ragini really worried. She had brought him here o that he’d just spend some time calmly forgetting all his tensions. But here to, he’s starting. Amidst their 6 years love and 4 months of marriage, she had seen this anger of his several times. During college days, it was for something else and now it’s for something else. He was all red with anger and the kids were crying. “Stop…” Lakshya shouted in anger and Ragini was shocked. “Lakshya…Stop it…they’re kids, see how they’re afraid…Why’re you getting so mad…” she asked him. “Ragini…it’s not that…See what that manager had done..My contract…How can’t I be angry?” he questioned her. “Lakshya…If you’re angry…Just calm…why you are showing your anger on kids?” she asked him with tears in her eyes. “Oh so you’re concerned of kids…okay…Then deal with them…I’m going…” and he stepped out angrily. She followed him but he got inside his car and without any word went off. Ragini stood there in tears. A little kid came in held Ragini’s knees. “Don’t cry miss…Uncle will talk to you..he’s not cutty…” Ragini took the child in her arms and cried. She was hurt. Deeply hurt.


Guys thought of giving two updates but today is a sad and happy day for me so can’t .yeah dhoni last match as CAPTAIN sad but first next CAPTAIN too happy .Thanks for your lovely comments I’m ok now after getting completely alright will reply to each comment individual thank u guys

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