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Lakshya was really busy at work. And during its course, as usual his employees were getting to see his anger as and when, for minute reasons. But they didn’t respond, for they knew that this was a trait of him which cannot be changed, but could only be adjusted. And the adjustment was not that difficult, taking in to consideration the fact that he was good and helpful to the fullest when he’s anger free. Lakshya was checking some file and found an error in it. His manager was standing next to him with the expression of a prey all prepared to be caught by the predator. “What is this??” asked Lakshya. “What are you people doing here? I don’t understand…I’m telling you…Just correct this and bring to me in an hour…


An hour…got it?” and he forwarded the file to the manager. Manager was like, “oh god…I’m dead…” “Sorry sir…I’ll correct now…” said him. “You better correct it…” said Lakshya angrily. Everyday this stupid guy would do something to make him go out of his wits. He was angry and seemed people loved seeing him so. And that was when his beloved wife called him. His face was still grim with the effect of the error in the file, but the charm of his wife made him cool a bit. “haan…tell me Ragini…” he said uninterestingly. “Whom did you fight with now?” asked Ragini from the other side. “How did you know that I fought with someone?” he asked confused. “Come on…I’m seeing this lion for 6years and staying with him for the last 4 months…Won’t I know?” this definitely brought a smile on his face. “Oh Acchha…So I’m lion…So sherni…Why are you calling me now? To hear the regular angry dose from your sher?” he asked. “No no…I wasn’t expecting this lion to pick up the phone…” she said. “Then did you want this romantic hubby of yours to pick the phone?’ he asked smiling. “Of course…I’m in romantic mood…” she said. “Really…Ragini…wait…I will come home now…” he said rising from his chair. “Wait…wait…no need to come home..I just wanna hear romance through words…” she said. “Only through words?” he asked. “Ya…Only through words…” she said. “that’s not fair..” he said pouting his lips “Now stop pouting your lips and tell me when I should get ready? Now don’t tell me you got some important work and so you’re not coming…” she said.

“Awww…Baby…I’m coming…No change in the plan…Well…get ready by 5…And then we’ll go…” he said. “Okay…I’ll be ready…Thank you…” she said excitedly. “Keep the thanks pending because I’m gonna charge it from you in different way…in romantic way…” he said mischievously. “You’re talking as if you charge with romance only for thanks…” said Ragini slowly, fairly inaudible. But he’s smart, he can pick her words easily. “What did you say?” he asked naughtily. “Nothing…now hanging up…finish all your anger till evening and then we got to go…okay…” she said. “Okay…” he said like and obedient kid. “Bye…love you…” said her. “Love you too…” he said and she hung up. He looked at her photo for a while, caressed it and then with a smile continued his work.

Ragini got ready by 4:30 in a very simple saree and was filling her hairline with vermillion. Suddenly a hand stopped her. She looked in to the mirror of course knowing who it is. There he was, her hubby wearing a handsome smile on his face. “Why you take trouble when I’m here for this Ragini?” he asked. Ragini smiled and forwarded the vermillion box to him. He smiled and looked to the box. Then he took a pinch of the vermillion, the symbol of their marriage which was destined to keep them together for 7 lives, and with all love filled her hairline once again. .Ragini closed her eyes in happiness and satisfaction and a happy tear escaped her eyes. “I love you…” said her hugging him.

I love you too…” said him and they hugged each other, tighter, with the hug getting madder a more passionate with every passing moment. Finally they released the hug and Ragini turned towards the mirror to wear her mangalsutra. She was struggling with it, when Lakshya caught hold of it and slowly made her wear it. Then bending down he kissed her neck. Ragini closed her eyes in the sudden closeness. Lakshya smiled and kissed her neck again. Ragini was ready to burst with the sweet torture now. “Lakshya…” she cried softly. Now with this, Lakshya was really turned on. He turned her towards him and hungrily caught hold of her lips. Ragini was surprised but closed her eyes and cuddled to him and allowed him to taster her lips. He filled his thirst with the extreme sweetness of her lips and irresistibly bit her lips. “Lakshya…”

she moaned and pushed him away from her holding his hair. She looked at his eyes to see the shadow of passion in them for her. Lakshya too looked in to her eyes and was about to hug her. Suddenly Ragini remembered that they were having a plan and so stopped him “Lakshya…We got to go out…please…Please go and fresh up and come fast…” she requested. “Ragini…” Lakshya asked with half mind. “Please Lakshya…” she pleaded. He smiled and nodded. Then kissing on her cheeks, he took his towel and rushed to washroom whilst Ragini watched him with a smile on her lips.

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