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RagLak Fanfics Analysis (A Thanks to all)

Hi everyone! This is Shazi you might know me because of the RagLak page or my FanFic Ajnabee. I forgot my account’s password so I made this one :p and this is now my only account on Telly Updates. I actually wanted to make this post for a very long time but didn’t get time ?

So I actually read a lot of fanfics here and I thought to thank some writers whose stories I really love and wait for ?


First one: of course, it is “You are the music in me” RagLak fanfic

This is my most favourite fanfic till date and I can assure you I read a lot of fanfics but this one is amazing! I wait for this update like every single day. The way emotions and scenes are described in this fanfic make me want to read more and more. The graph in the love of RagLak is justified and absolutely realistic. The best part of it is that the writer posts regularly ? This is inspired by a book but it didn’t make me feel like I was reading that book but instead I could connect and visualise with RagLak’s scenes and story. Hats off to u for giving us a brilliant fanfic.

Raglak – Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?

This one makes me hook onto the storyline and I enjoy how there is a tashan type of love story going on. A lot of things unfold as we read the parts. I am really waiting for Laksh to start loving Ragini like she deserves and that the culprit comes out soon. Only one thing: please update soon I am dying in suspense lol

Love u zindagi RagLak

This fanfic is how I wanted the RagLak track to turn when their separation came but unfortunately we didn’t get that. Through your fanfic I see the guilt that Laksh has which I always wanted to see and I also love the way you have portrayed a stronger Ragini. I personally love this fanfic but I keep waiting for you to update. Please update soon so we can get to know how this story unflods.

I would also like to thank all those people who write brilliant RagLak OS and there are many of you who portray really nice stories through one shots! This is a very difficult task to do and you guys rock at it!

The only request I have for many of those who leave the fanfics midway and don’t complete it: guys please a lot of people read and love your fanfics so please don’t stop half way through. Don’t give up guys it’s not because the show ended that we can leave RagLak. I know a lot of us are busy but we need RagLak fanfics guys hehe.

A surprise from me to all of u: my new fanfic is coming very soon and hope u guys like it ?

Signing off for now and I promise you’ll hear from me very soon! Much love to all…

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