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Pyar Ke Juda Rang (Prologue)

Hy guys its me shivu here I have a short story in my mind which I want to write for our raglak so I give prologue for the story if u like it then plzz tell me I continue it or not plzz now its depend on u I write further or not ok let’s start prologue

Laksh maheshwari(22): cute, handsome boys loves his family mostly his brother sanskar he do anything for him


Sanskar maheshwari(26): lawyer, handsome boy he also loves his family and laksh

DP:Big businessman father of laksh he loves his family but not more than money he only think about his prestige and class

AP: mother of laksh she loves her family alot especially laksh she is totally opposite to DP

RP: father of sanskar respect DP but he is not like him he love his son alot

Suj:Mother of sanskar she loves sanskar alot

Ragini Bose(21):beautiful Sweet girl love her sister swara

Swara Bose(24): cute bubbly girl she also loves her sister ragini

They both are their world they are orphan

A Girl and boy are fighting

Girl:listen Mr. Hoge tum ameer bapke bete iska matab yeh nahi ki tum jo chaho wo karo samjhe
Boy:tum mujhe galat samajh rahi ho
Girl:shut up
Then she slap the boy and went away

After few week

Same boy and girl
Girl: I love u
Boy kiss her forehead
Boy:I love u too very much

Again after few months

Girl is dressed very well looking very pretty then boy come there
After one hour
Same girl: I hate u I hate u very much
Then she start crying badly
Other side some other place
Boy(angrily):yeh karna bohot jaruri tha bohot jaruri
So this is the prologue tell me how’s it I’ll continue it or not

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