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Pyaara Dushman-FF (Twinj, Rivanya, Kaira) ~ Character sketch

Hi guys I am Awatif Rahman.13 years old.from .huge fan of twinj aka Sidmin and rivanya.new here.i have been a silent reader since 9 months(I know really long time) I started commenting on some ff and os.I all ways wanted to write ss,os and ff so here I am and I was searching for a day to post it so today(8 Jan)is my birthday so here I am with Some shots hope u guys like it.
Let’s start
Character skecth
Twinkle taneja:Punjabi pattaka beauty with brains,bubbly,naughty,kindhearted,loves her family a lot
Shivanya taneja:Elder sister of taneja siblings,have a past,loves her family and can do anything for her siblings,buisniss women,workaholic,sweet,loves Rithik
Karthik taneja:sweet,handsome,twin brother of twinkle,hate Lutras,loves his family.
R.T died
Kunj Sarna:cute,handsome, chocolate boy,all girls die for him,hot,s*xy,loves his family
Mahi Sarna:cute,bubbly,s*xy,and sweet,dramebaaz
Gayu Sarna:sweet,innocent,kindhearted,can sacrifice anything for her family,loves kartik
Shesha Sarna:Rithik’s best friend,loves him,she is bebe’s daughter,cousin sister of yuhiku,kind,she will be negative but for some time,party girl,really cute.

Rithik Luthra: loves shivanya,little rude with outsider’s but fun loving with family, pamper’s her sister a lot,has a past,shesha’s best friend share’s everything with.
Yuvraj Luthra: Punjab’s sher,cute,handsome,wants to live his life,loves to travel,loves someone(will reveal later)
Naira Luthra:hates taneja’s,jhalli,love kids,powerful women,support’s truth always,loves his brothers,miffed with Anita
Note:Anita is not a negative character +Mr Luthra died
Others r as tei cast and Kunj is our sidhant ( don’t u dare to think of anyone else)
So hope u Guys liked it (It’s my first try) And plz comment + ve and -ve comments and leave suggestions below and if u want me to add any other character so plz comment below
Thank u ??


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