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Pyaar Dosti hain (episode 3)

Hello guys i m making some changes from last episode that is pankaj and lata talking about YuvAni marriage .

YuvAni and ShaWana are sitting in college garden
Just then a girl enters the college wearing pink short onepeice enters the college and goes to yuvraj .
Girl – hii i m barbie new in this college will you be my friend ??
Yuvraj is looking at her constantly
Suhani pinches him
He come back to his senses
Yuvraj – hii i m yuvraj
Barbie smiles at him and gives his hand
Barbie – friends
Yuvraj shakes his hand
Yuvraj – friends


Barbie leaves from there .
Yuvraj follows him .
Suhani feels bad .
ShaWana sees this .
Bhawana – suhani dont feel bad yuvraj is yours amd only yours
Suhani smiles .

After some days .
Yuvraj ignores suhani and he is dating barbie .

One day he proposes barbie in canteen .
Barbie accepts it.
Suhani cries seeing this and leaves from there .
Bhawana follows her
Bh – suhani why are you crying do you love yuvraj ??
Suh – yes bhawana i think i love yuvraj but he loves barbie …
Bh – suhani plz focus on ur studies no wand forgot yuvraj
Suhani – hmm
Suhani hugs bhawana .
Bhawana – suhani u know sambhav
Suhani – yes
Bhawana – he likes you a lot and he is a nice guy
Suhani – i will think of him .

Suhani leaves from there .

Suhani goes in class .
She sits with sambhav and yuvraj sits with barbie.

Suhani talks with sambhav and feels good with him and likes him .

In exams
Suhani is sitting infront of yuvraj
Yuvraj – plz suhani show me answers
Suhani doesnt show him and exam ends .
Suhani comes out from class .
Yuvraj follows her .
Yuvraj holds her hand pulls him towards him aand holds her by her waist .
Suhani – plz leave me yuv
Yuvraj – why you didnt helped me
Suhani – ask your barbie for help
Yuvraj – she is not my best friend
Suhani – soo ??
Yuvraj – what is your problem ??
Suhani – nothing
She free herself from his grip and leaves .

After some days .
Yuvraj and suhani are not talking with each other .
Sambhav propses suhani and she accepts it .
Yuvraj feels bad and cries .

Yuv pov…
I m in a relationship i should not feel bad i should be happy for suhani .
I think i love suhani .
He closes his eyes and sees suhani face .
Yes suhani i love you
End of pov…

He goes to suhani and hugs her tightly .
He whispers in her ears i love you …

Suhani moves away from him
Suhani – yuvraj i m in a relationship
Yuvraj – suhani you are my
Suhani – no never i m of sambhav
Yuvraj angrily holds his hand .
Suhani – aaahhh
Yuvraj – sorry
He leaves his hand .
She leaves from there .

Suhani talks about his and sambhav marriage with pankaj and lata
They agree

Pre – marriage rituals starts .
Finally marriage day comes .
They take 7 rounds
He puts vermillon in his hair line .
Bhawana asks suhani to click pictures
Yuvraj removes his sehra .
Suhani is shocked to see yuvraj at the place of sambhav
Sambhav is standing with pankaj and lata .
Suhani – what r u doing here ??
Yuvraj – mrs. Suhani Yuvraj Birla now you are my

Scene freezes on suhani shocked face and yuvraj smiling face .

Precap – yuvraj makes suhani realize his love for yuvraj

Hope you guys liked it …

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