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Pyaar Dosti hain (episode 2)

Its a farewell party at suhani house
Everyone is dancing .
Suhani and yuvraj are talking with each other in a corner
Suh – when you will get love of your life what you will do ??
Yuv – i will sing for her
Suh – which
Yuv – lets show you

He dances romantically with suhani on tumko paaya hain toh jaise khoya hoon


End of the song yuvraj kisses her chicks …

Yuvraj – your turn suhani

Suhani sings tu tu hai wohi dil ne jisein apna kahaan …
End of the song suhani hugs yuvraj tightly …

Lata and pankaj are watching them from far …
Pan – i think we should talk about their marriage now
Lat – yes u r right but first lets talk to kids
Pan – ok

Shwana dances on ajab si ….

At last shwana confesses their love for each other ….
Everyone are happy ….

Precap – pankaj and lata talking about marriage of YuvAni ..

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